What is it about being self employed that’s so attractive?

For me, it’s about being able to choose the details that run my business. For me, as the self employed, creative director and sole proprietor of BeaversDen – General Media, organization is the only thing that drives me up the wall. Especially when it comes to keeping up with invoices and taxes. My company is not that big yet to hire an accountant. That’s why I use Quickbooks.

As a brand ambassador, it’s not only my job to sell you Quickbooks, but also make sure everything runs smoothly for you. And if I can’t help you, my Quickbooks team can. It’s different than calling the service counter or customer service on your end. It’s referred to as SaaS, or Software as a Service. It

I’m here to help small businesses from seed to scale.

If you’re interested, click here.

Note: It is a subscription. It is monthly or yearly. And it is an affiliate partner link. I do get a commission for it. Plus, you get me as a partner should you ever need me.


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