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Rant: Liberate

Rant: PART 1. We needed leadership. Not finger pointing and bratty ass name calling from Trump. He left it to the government. When it was NATIONWIDE. Federal government should have addressed it federally. With federal leadership. But no. Nothing.

Instead, what we got was showboating and attacks on states. Fighting with each state. FORCING each state TO FUCKING BID ON VENTILATORS!!! Instead what we got was a group of governors trying to find a way from one state to the next. INCONSISTENT AF.

PART 2. The Governors of each state was rightfully charged to do what was best for their state. But either they went against the grain of the current administration, or they were lost without anywhere to turn to find viable solutions. The communication breakdown is daily and so bureaucratic it’s unreal. The conversation last week won’t be applied until next week. But yet, here we are having a conversation in real time and still can’t get things for weeks. If this was Amazon Prime, we would have next day solutions. You with me?

Civil Unrest

PART 3. STAY TF AT HOME. You dumbass piece of muffuckin shit. Why are not able to do this? Muh Freedom. You Liberty or Death? Go get it champ. But I swear to fucking God if any of my family gets sick and dies because you don’t know how to fucking think about anyone but yourself… there’s gonna be a problem and IDGAF if only 2-3% is sacrificial for the economy. THAT’S FUCKED UP!

PART 4. People are definitely getting sick. People are definitely dying from it. The way it spreads is crazy. The handling of it is inconsistent AF. People are going stir crazy wanting to reopen the country and get back to work. Mob rule is about to happen. The tension is rising. Trump calling for liberation on states. That shit is fucked up. Expect a civil war: mob style.


Poor Leadership.

Coming Soon…

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