A Revelation Through Moderation


What if it is “progressive” to truly be “conservatives”, not only fiscally but by posterity(?). For years, we’ve been calling progress, “work”. And what we know of good workers is that they are fast and efficient, dependable and always on call. But…What if we’ve been replacing quality with quantity? Our consumerist ways have just laid waste for future generations. So much that it is not progressive nor conservative enough to continue on this pathway of human existence. Are we leading future generations into peril? And what if we can learn to moderate ourselves?


We already know about global warming. We already know that human activity has caused so much stress on our planet. But what if there is a better way of living. Not only minimally but conservatively moderate. Being not only conscious of our actions, but hyper-restrictive.

What does that say about what we consume, how we consume, and for people like me in advertising and marketing, how do we sell stuff and make money doing so?

Finding Value Within These Restrictions

For many marketers, it is all about volume. We want to qualify as many leads as we can. That’s the job. We want to increase the volume, not restrict it, and surely not stop it. But how do we quantify meeting compromise without compromising the value of our assets and revenue. All the while struggling to improve revenue. While COVID has us working from remote locations, the online world of commerce has undergone a separate set of restrictions that also isolate us from each other. Between the SEC and the FCC, privacy laws are overhauled via Facebook, Google and Apple as well as Linux. This is the vice we are in. And there is very little that can be done without a government squeeze on this vice. Unless we can moderate ourselves. So where do we find value in moderation? We could try it and find out.

The answer? Read on.

For all the things we know and love, we are saying goodbye to a lot ever since COVID. Even with vaccines, these new variations of strains have become more of a problem as people like me (people whom are already vaccinated) have died or are in ICU. People have died after being vaccinated!


I visit the VA for healthcare. I’m a veteran. I’ve been vaccinated with the J&J version. And recently, I had a sleep study test. It took over a year to get this appointment scheduled due to the outbreak and poor and inconsistent management of infrastructure. Too much leadership with different direction. Not enough in some areas and too much in others. But I digress. I was reminded of my appointment last week and was prompted to get a COVID test Friday before my appointment on Sunday. I mentioned I was vaccinated already, it mattered not.

So I went Friday and had the test done. They said it would take up to 48 hours. Sunday came, my appointment was to be rescheduled because the results have not been received. My new appointment is now in September. What the hell, amirite?

During the COVID lockdown, I’ve had time to reflect on my years, actually taking audit of my actions and inactions and I’ve been thinking and I’ve been trying to live minimally. Not necessarily out of desire to do so. More like my anxiety and depression demanding me to do so.

I go out and mingle, my anxiety takes the elevator going up. I sit in my room all day, doing nothing and my depression takes hold. But, IF I am being constructive online, I’m fine. This sounds like internet addiction. But it isn’t. It’s only when I’m being constructive online when my anxiety and depression seem to go away.

However, my own deadlines do stress me out. It’s not a bad or negative stress though. It’s positive stress. And I will stress this: be constructive. The more constructive I strive to be, the better I feel. This helps me to restrict what I post, what I do, both mentally and physically. It also helps me to stay inspired. Keeping that flame burning. Although it is dim, it’s still there, and I still do. Catching on yet?

It’s all about moderation. Being conscious of my actions. Working on how to brand myself with ingenuity and inspiration to do more. Moderately, over time.


Reflection has been the key throughout this process. And I don’t believe many of us have been reflecting enough prior to COVID. I think even the non-ADD people have been struggling to finish one task at a time. We’ve been so consumed by our own consumer behavior that we’ve neglected ourselves, the ones we love and our personal growth. Granted, working for other people is extremely stressful and in some cases, toxic to our own individualized personal growth. Demands to grow with the company or spouse or others have been the most stressful for many. Reason being is due to the level of contempt we have for not only our stressors in our lives, but also in ourselves and how much we own our lives. And how much our lives are worth. But more importantly, what kind of Earth are we leaving behind for our posterity?

Take From The Well, Replenish The Well

It is difficult to do while we think we have total control over our lives, and the lives of others. But we do not have total control. We give control to others. Or others just take control. Or better yet, God is in control. The others that are allowed to take control usually compensate you for your time. Maybe add some bonuses or benefits. That’s what justifies the means. But blindly, we independently call that success. And that is how we grow to measure our net worth. But it is not true to the value of our lives. Without government intervention, how can we install moderation through our daily activities? Give and take. Moderation. Moderation is key.

The idea that one day, all the things we have done has not been in haste. Or some half-ass job. We do so by making sure that everything we do, we do so consciously. And if we can’t do so consciously, we slow down to do so efficiently. We must moderate ourselves better. For the future of our children and our children’s children.

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