Self Employed Quickbooks is Amazeballs… Is that still a word? Amazeballs?

A few months ago, I was piecemealing my integration resources, and I came across this gem. Usually, I’m not one to support big brands unless I find value that actually benefits it’s purpose. And ever since COVID I’ve been been pinching at pennies, and reducing my expenditures. I’ll be honest… I’ve been paying more than I’ve been getting in, by a lot. These business expenses were becoming burdensome and if it weren’t for great tools and those stimulus checks, I would be underwater in debt. But thankfully, this Self Employed Quickbooks app has helped me consolidate functionalities and reduce costs. It’s helped me with travel expenses, fuel costs and even some personal expenses that aren’t logged like in some other programs I’ve used in the past.

It’s a great service at 15 bucks a month. And although it goes against my principles of contracting humans to help the economy, it helps in a pinch. And although I hope everyone can find their own resourcefulness, and although I’m not trying make companies rich, I do hope they can find resources as good as mine or better. I honestly have not found any other single app with this kind of functionality for the price of this kind of SaaS. It’s truly been a great tool to help me keep track of my itemized expenses and incomes. Maybe you can find use in it too.

If you sign up I do get a commission from it. But I’m not trying to sell you anything that I don’t use myself. Check it out.

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