Glenn R. Beaver, Jr.

Creative Director

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Hiya! I’m the Creative Director and Designer of BeaversDen. I’m a sole proprietor small business owner. I started BeaversDen in 2009 as a production hub umbrella for freelance, subcontract work. As of 2019, I entered the advertising for small business arena. My mission is to reach out to small business owners and help facilitate to developing and scaling small businesses. Everything from branding a business to scaling a business.


I offer a wonderful array of impactful creatives. This can range from banner ads, ad copywriting, video ads, display ads, app ads, podcast ads, jingles, branding that is better mentioned in marketing. But I do creatives, campaigns and consultations. I split test A/B and multiple comparisons of ad performance. I track and report with analytical data how a business is performing.


The possibilities are endless. The opportunities are plenty. I ensure due diligence in research from both supply and demand, market trends and I investigate the competition. I’m always looking for applications that can further relations between my clients and their customers. I tailor and resell platforms that are used as CRMs and CMSs and I integrate all platforms necessary for online business.

Public Relations

There are rants and raves to keep up with. Top that with reputation of a business and coupled with reviews, it is its own lifeline and bandwidth. Public Relations helps a business maintain good standing. I create press releases, monitor reviews and feedback and reply to comments. A good PR campaign is essential for all new products and services.

SIDEBAR SERVICES: BeaversDen also offers services to develop setup and installation of Shopify eCommerce, Vendasta CRM, Google Cloud, and more to come.


Glenn is very patient when he is working with someone who has NO idea about advertising or media. He will do what he can based on the info you give him…… I will work with you again, Glenn!!!!!

Suzi Jones

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