Looking to set up an eCommerce Shop? I can help.

Increasingly, it’s becoming imperative to have many sources of income, aside from earned income. Let’s be real honest to ourselves and look at how we are evolving as a society. Capitalism in America is great, but it really is only true capitalism if we win the deal. The deal is everything in a capitalist society. And every citizen of the Great US of A should be able to make deals, and not just as a consumer. But also as a producer or a seller… even as a reseller. Traditional jobs sets the wage, leaving very little room for negotiation. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Especially in eCommerce. The markets adjust daily. And while it seems like a lot of work to keep track of it all, it’s what keeps us engaged. It helps us to make the most of our own personal worth. And if you have a little to invest into your own brand, you can potentially negotiate your prices to come out ahead. And I can help you in many ways.

Why Shopify?

Shopify has many upsides to selling. Mostly in part is it’s capabilities to integrate with many application platforms. Such as WordPress, Facebook and other social media outlets. Plus, you can choose to make and sell your own product; resell another product, dropship, wholesale, setup order fulfillment or sell your services. You also have access to paywalls and pay gates as well as the ability to set up your own shop to your brand requirements. It’s one of the most versatile eCommerce sites on the market and that is why I, at BeaversDen – General Media has chosen to partner with Shopify.

What’s in it for BeaversDen – General Media?

I am a developer and reseller of the Shopify platform. I earn a commission off the reseller program. But that’s not the mission of BeaversDen – General Media. I want my company associated with the good works of helping small business develop, scale and establish, wherever possible. I offer my assistance, not just to further my career, but also build relationships with other small business owners coming up and growing strong.

What BeaversDen – General Media can do with Shopify as a Partner.

I’ll go through the list of functions that may benefit your small business. Then I’ll break down the basics for you:

  • Shopify store registration
  • Setup
  • Integration
  • Dropship set up
  • Paygate/Paywall setup
  • Initiate Brokerage
  • Shop Design or Pre-made Theme
  • User Functionality Test
  • Provide Tech Support and troubleshoot errors while in developing mode.

To help you understand the benefit of having a developer such as myself do this for you is that in my account, I can make Shopify Stores all day long. But if I was to make one for myself, it would have to be paid for as soon as I start to build it. This gives YOU the benefit of having a store set up for you to your liking before publishing it and making it live.

Why BeaversDen and not an expert developer?

I am a professional. But I do everything media. A little of this and little of that. Mostly advertising and marketing for eCommerce stores. But I am much cheaper than a professional “expert” developer. But trust, if we come to a point where we need help from an expert, you will get the help at only a small fraction of the cost. Granted, you’ll get better results, but also pay more up front. And it may be more than you’re able to spend to start. My aim is to go about it at the lowest cost possible without sacrificing too much quality.

If you would like to see what’s possible, I’ll do a screen share with you after signing up. If you’re having any doubt, you can watch me work and make suggestions along the way. This gives you more control overall in comparison.

Try me out. I’m working with other platforms as well, but this one is probably the most user friendly to start with.


BeaversDen – General Media is in the process of certification. Once complete, certification will be posted.

Shopify Store Development


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