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There’s something about myself that I know is true to my core. The older I get, the less I want out of life. It is not that I don’t want to live or that I want to die. Neither of those is true. I progressively wish to have less and reduce my carbon footprint. As if “less is more.” Some people want it all, plus the moon and the stars. I see it as wasteful, destructive, hoarding, and harmful to the world.

For me, spiritually, I look at the state of the world in a traditional conservative sense. I lean on being taught not to keep up with the Jones’s. That goes hand in hand with triumph in poverty. Romans 12:2 says, Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. And for context, the chapter does mention in verse 12:11 Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. And with Psalms 23 The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. I’m here on borrowed time. Nothing is going with me when I pass.

But in the same breath, how does one provide the best experiences or better than they may have had growing up for their loved ones? Should we practice minimalism to be true to our faith or ask for forgiveness when we screw it all up? It is a perplexing balance and dance.

Religion, spirituality, Christianity, Buddhism, atheism, et al., are all subjective and personal. Objective observation in these topics is impossible. I’ll explain.


For example, what is the most actual color, red? Or the most natural color, blue? What you know of the color red in its proper form is a lie. What is the most accurate form of love? All of these are subjective to the observer. Only when the collective comes together in unity do we see the truth or get closer to the truth. The same is true for God and spirituality. The same is true for the well-being of citizens and societies, and even culture.

Why do some people hate the taste of cilantro or cauliflower or love them, for that matter? Some people cannot stomach the smell of skunk. The scent of sage. The sound of 440hz A at +10db.

Or in matters of vision and eyesight. Some people are nearsighted, and some are far-sighted. Depth perception is challenging for a lot of people. Some color blind. Some blind. And even in the legally blind, some see shapes and shades, some see colors, but others see total darkness. Everything is subjective to each perspective.

All of our senses are individualized and not objective. For there to be accurate studies, there needs to be a control group. The same is true for the spirit. The truth is in this façade, we have come to “rational agreements” just for going about our days and living in harmony.

Just because you cannot objectively observe it does not mean it is not there.

Some researchers claim that the spirit and consciousness are the same. If not for the sake of oneness, collectively, and all knowingly, life in this way is eternal. Much like the spiritual legacies of sports teams and Favored athletes. The spirit of rallying, collectively, for the causes and the Win. The same is true in chants for religious reasons. Frequencies, vibes, and intuitions resonate within our core. Individually and collectively.

Being able to read the energy of a room or emit vibrations for others to pick up on is a skill set not many have these days. Instrumentally, it is a viable necessity in common sense. Sometimes we cannot express ourselves with words. And in that is a visual teaching moment and often a vibe.

As with all observer types and learning modes, it helps to be centered and present at all times; otherwise, we lose focus on what’s happening. It becomes noise that distorts our perception. And currently, we have become a civilization based on distractions that take away priority—looking at the screen constantly, for example. It alters our perception. And because we fixate on the screen, we justify our behavior one way or another, adding depth and a gray area.

Science suggests that the spirit isn’t real. And that’s correct. It isn’t.

What is real what is true (Not always)

Just as the imagination isn’t real, it does exist. Realization is often materialized or, at the very least, conceptualized to some extent. Often our realities stand crossed in wires with thoughts, feelings, vibes, worries, doubts, gut feelings, hunches, projections, and fantasies.

When this happens, we lose focus on what is accurate, and we enter the surreal or the ethereal. This confusion is most familiar to people who have schizophrenia. But I believe it is more profound than that; however, I can’t prove it. Nor do I want to. I feel like I shouldn’t explore sure rabbit holes. But it could be based on interest, curiosity, or the opposite.

Reality, Surreality, and Ethereality

Truth is subjective to both the individual and the collective. But even in the collective, there may be objections that can argumentatively substantiate that individual perspective, also known as exceptions to the rule. However, reality does not care what you believe or think; it just is. It does not care if you are right or wrong.

Understanding chemical reactions inside the mind and body when the gut has an instinct that triggers an emotion or vice versa, along with how the mind, body, and soul align during these situations of confusion or moments of clarity, is well beyond my comprehension but intriguing nonetheless.

Surrealism is where our imagination tries to make sense of things but confuses us in ways that alter reality, like in a dream state. The feeling of falling and waking up just before you land is very surreal.

I often talk in my sleep, as many people do. I remember people telling me things I’ve said that were bizarre, awkward, and embarrassing. One such event, as recalled, was I was lying on the couch asleep, snoring, lowering myself down to the floor, and loudly saying, “SHAMPOO!” One hilarious time I said when I was a teenager, “Bear, I’m gonna show you how fat I really am!” I still remember the dream piece on this one. Bear, my dog, was in a suit laughing at me for taking too long to get dressed because I outgrew my trousers. I couldn’t button and zip my pants. And that’s all I remember.


The ethereal is something metaphysical. It is quantum. It is divine. For some researchers, it is the collective of God particles or Higg’s Boson. Time and space appear to overlap due to dimensional overlap.


Civilization is a mythology. Social structure is based on agreements amongst the collective. Everything is subjective, yet we agree on matters because, without order, chaos presumes, and the order goes out the window. Without any order, there could be no justice. Nothing is definitively objective because everyone has a very different set of observational processes, from eyesight to taste to left brain/ right brain, depth perception, intuition, and inner monologue (not everyone has an internal monologue). Not everyone can visualize images mentally when prompted—color blindness. Not everyone tastes cilantro the same way. And because of this, the scientific method must adhere to the spirit because, IN ITSELF, the scientific method is also a myth.

In the end

I can’t prove the spirit exists because there are n no instruments to study it with, but I can feel it. As with billions of other people currently and throughout history, it is hard for nonbelievers to argue the soul does not exist. Just because you can’t see, hear, feel, smell, taste, think or experience as others do, does not mean those experiences are not true. The study is inconclusive. To say there is no such thing as a spirit is like a colorblind person saying definitively there is no red or no green. To say there is no such thing as spirit, might reflect a deficit, deformity, morphology or evolution of the human physiology. Much like the function of the appendix. And because of that, there’s not enough data to go on. Its subjective to each individual. Maybe one day I’ll write a book or series of books on it.

Also did you know that not everyone has the monkey tendon? Supposedly where it meets the palm is where our thumbs used to be as a species. It just goes to show that life isn’t certain, absolute or set in stone. The possibilities are endless.

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