Taco Bell Weddings


The Taco Bell near me has been closed for remodel for over two months and has been driving me insane. It looks like it’s almost done, so I look it up online to see if I can catch a date expectancy for its grand reopening, and what do I find?

Taco Bell Weddings…

You remember the packet of sauce?

Image courtesy of Steven Depolo

Well, well, well…

Here I thought it was all about marriage between sauce and taco or sauce and burrito, or sauce and quesadilla, or whatever… but no. They actually do catering for weddings! And here I thought drive thru weddings in Vegas were sketchy.

Image courtesy of Taco Bell

I’m Not Knocking It

I think it’s an awesome idea. I just just didn’t know until yesterday. If you’re interested in getting married at Taco Bell, it’s still in Vegas but they got a sweet deal.

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