The Republican Socioeconomic Football

The Right Wing

What republicans have going for them is brute force that cares about nothing but the way they want it to go. I say that as a right leaning individual that claims moderation or conservative in the independent section without following policy of the independents or moderates. But from what I say against Republicans would leave people to believe I’m a liberal. But I ain’t. So enough about my politics and back to the issue at hand.

The republicans are taking a very staunch approach as the snake on the “Don’t Tread On Me Flag” begins to eat its tail.

Don’t Tread On Me

Don’t Tread On Us While We Eat

I’m aware that the Don’t Tread On Me mantra is all about the promotion of small government and the prevention of the overreaching arm of the FED. But the Libertarian Right and Conservative Right are becoming one and the same. And for the benefit of nobody. Not even themselves.

I’ll explain.

“Taxation Is Theft”, “End The Fed”, “Pro-Life”, “Stop The Deficit”… etc. … these are conservative argument stances that may seem independent or libertarian, but by no means represent the totality of neither democracy nor the constitutional republic. Yet these policies some how make it to the federal level.

As if the whole country decided to stick to archaic terms that fit their moral compass and their moral compass alone. As if, their way of doing things is “common sense”.


Don’t Kill Babies, Let Them Die With A Gun In Their Hands

Pro-Life is treading on Doctor/Patient privileged information, otherwise known as HIPPA Laws and Doctors’ respective hippocratic path. In an abortion situation, the federal government should not say anything about a woman’s autonomy and how she ought to raise a child due to her own consequence. That violates her rights to autonomy in the FIRST DEGREE. It should not even be voted on. Safe abortions are a public right. Interrogation and intrusion should stop there. But it doesn’t.

Taxation is Theft

But What About Those Corporate Interest Rates?

Taxation is theft is weird to me. This promotes over consumption in a world where, everyday, we face climate concerns with deforestation, trash in the oceans, emissions, chemicals in waste, including food waste and of course, the magical cow and unicorn farts. To what measure we figured that out is doubted science from the right wing. No science is compelling enough to shake the Alt Right, let alone the classical right. For God So Loved The World, we can trash the world if we want to comes screaming out of the text I’m driving home. Republicans whom claim to be Christian… well… they are lacking that very special Christ-Like appeal that resembles that gimmick from the 90s, WWJD. Christianity is about following the leader. These clowns are just being seen in the Church as hypocrites. BUT WHO AM I TO JUDGE? Isn’t that God’s job?

Support The Thin Blue Line

But What About The Bill Of Rights?

Support The Thin Blue Line… Just weeks ago, the right wing was totally against the government coming to take away their guns. Completely against all regulations on how to a responsible gun owner, and against forced registration… ALL THE WHILE supporting the thin blue line.

But in recent news, Ryan Whitaker out in Arizona, “a fellow White American CITIZEN”… answered his door holding a gun, down by his side and was shot to death by a cop. Not even 2 seconds after the guy answers the door after the cops knocked (yelling in an echoing loggia… its unclear how clear they were in their loud introduction in this particularly unsound circumstance. Maybe the guy only heard loud muffled voices? If that is the case, a firearm might be necessary and shall not be infringed as it was his constitutional right to have that firearm. But yet, the police departments all over the US is making it tragically clear: THEY WILL SHOOT TO KILL YOU IF YOU’RE HOLDING ANY WEAPON IN YOUR HAND. REGARDLESS IF IT IS YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT OR NOT. REGARDLESS IF YOU YOU ARE WHITE OR BLACK.

Your Second Amendment Right

And Everybody Else But You.

The 2nd Amendment? That’s not liberals defending cops killing people holding guns as they have the right to bear arms. The Constitution clearly states this WITHOUT MENTION of holster, gun registration, licensing, or other regulations. The infringed ambiguity is not the stance to take while defending both the thin blue line and the second amendment. So where do you stand on that. Don’t answer that. You still have your 5th Amendment. I guess. What about the 6th Amendment? The one that reads like this:

"In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him,(her or they); to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his (her or their)favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his,(her or their)defence."


But what about adding the correct pronouns to the documents?

Like how I added extra pronouns to the Constitution? That’s because “her and they” deserve to be added to the ambiguous language that follows the male patriarch where the laws are unclear against women and individuals of gender neutrality and so on. As if the system prides itself on the Status Quo.

The Deficit (Debt Ceiling)

Isn’t debt just another word for commitment to the economy?

And finally, my main last point at an attempt to make a mockery of the right wing. This one hurts me, as I am probably the most fiscally conservative person I know, excluding my outstanding and delinquent debts. The debt ceiling.

Has it ever occurred that we are the richest nation in the world with the most bad ass fire power in the world? Who else is to say how much the value of the USD is? We don’t have a maximum wage, yet conservative republicans are all for giving tax breaks to the rich (maybe in hopes to have a decent paying job…idk). Yet, when COVID-19 first became national headlines, the CEOs of major corporations were stepping down with their coffers and severances encrypted at their breast pocket not to be mentioned again. Where did they go? What are they doing? But really though… where is their money? Where is the incentive?

We as citizens see this. What’s with the influx of freelance and 1099 subcontractors and where are the W-2 workers? More importantly, are they essential employees or are they WFH? This excludes the lonely, unstable Small Business Owners of America, whom are struggling to adapt day to day. Not all of the SBOs out there qualified for PPP. And if they are, they may have been or may be subject to invasive audits. This comes right after a huge tax cut to the super wealthy that republicans granted by vote and now they want to call to Stop the Deficit… no other country has a debt ceiling. That’s an American thing, Hoorah. But again, you can’t argue against the value of the USD because of the strength of our military. It didn’t end well for Saddam Hussein, Muammar al-Qaddafi or Osama Bin Laden.

It should be addressed that these assassinations were more about money and power than civil rights of national citizens to their respective countries. Otherwise, intervention would have taken place well before it did. It’s always been about the establishment and how the extreme right wing politics of all nations of conflict tend to be. The right wing is holding on to the political football and is playing against itself.

Duly note: Liberal Democrats have their own heap of mess to address. But one thing it is not anymore than the right is science. Flat Earthers make a compelling argument, but science has held enough peer review from all over the world, according to scientists from all over the world? It’s a conspiracy! I have a theory! A whole bunch of authorized scientists got together and talked about some issues and started working out some scientific processes… as what scientists do. Why would you authorize a plumber to be your mechanic? We authorize people to do things for a reason! To make sure people are employable; to make sure people are qualified; and to reduce the margin of error. Let people do their jobs and stop DIYing everything.

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