The Seatbelt Argument


My last 2 cents about the CoVid19 mask…
The seatbelt argument:

Before it was MANDATED to wear a seatbelt in the car; and I remember clear as day when it was mandated that you wear it or get a fine.

I, myself, have received several tickets for not wearing a seatbelt. I thought that they were just trying to control me. Damn the man. Y’all remember? I was never in an accident; even to this day, the accidents I’ve been in were stop and go bumper tag. That’s it. But I’ve lost a lot of people who’ve died in car accidents. And yes, I have a cousin that survived being ejected through the windshield of a pickup from sitting in the passenger seat. It messed him up. But there’s no telling if his injuries would have been worse if he had wore the seatbelt.

The point is: that mask may or may not save your life or anyone else’s. But the odds are better with it.

And SHOULD you be living in FEAR? Hell YES! You get in your car every damn day and you have NO IDEA if you’re going to make it home in one piece, alive and well. Hardly anything is in your control. That’s scary as fuck.

But you don’t live in fear. You’ve accepted what is and for the most part, you’ve took PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY in making sure that YOU and OTHERS are gonna be ok, by an extra measure. Its piece of mind to know that you’ve done what you could.

And if you’ve ever been in a serious accident, I bet you appreciate that seatbelt.

***edit: I wear my seatbelt. Every time. Not because of all the tickets. But because the loss of a good friend.

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