The Socioeconomic Downturn of Social Injustice from the Perspective of a Caucasian Cisgender Male Without Liberal Bias

Socioeconomic injustice

That’s a pretty bold headline. Please share your perspective on socioeconomics on your dime. With your own scientific observation. I’m doing that right now because this website is expensive for a poor white trash male who grew up in Deer Creek mobile home community; correction: trailer park. If you want to know what the second amendment means to me, personally, well… personally, I do not give a shit unless you pay me to care at this point. I have given my last fucks and I don’t trust any of you. But I could… it’s really up to you. And again, but… could you truly trust me? I don’t think so, Fake-So…You’re so fucking fake.

I’m not gonna talk about a cashless society.
Because let’s face it, what else is there? Actual bonding and loyalty without the presence of money? Fuck you, pay me. Sounds like pirates. Fucking origins of cutthroat capitalism. And debt. That’s where most of us are at right now. And women don’t hang back for losers in poor spirits that are measured by your level of making smart decisions that lead to money. You will never see a bunch of women showering a man with goodies that’s not in the winner’s circle. And while this doesn’t apply to all women, it is subjective to all women who does not and can not rely on men. Deep thought. I refuse to compete with you. Where does that put me? Independent women are not at the take for a dependent male. What’s wrong with me? None of your business really. Am I lazy. Yes. Why. I suppose. And to the reader: that was grammatically precise with the infliction of sharpness.

The world is on fire. My God said it is going to end. Why not move it all along and be done with it already. Watching my children grow up without me is the foundational dystopia for volcanoes erupting as a literal or figurative piece of metal chunk of space rocket landing anywhere but in the ocean is a big concern. Could it be a bomb from the Rich’s plan of depopulation? Watching from the Rods of God Station as each rod decimates the world. Can you see why, God has me questioning Him. Is it a Him? You can’t prove it. You just have to have faith. And I still do.

I might cuss a lot. I might be a sinful whore that’s bore fruit that may be rotten to the core. But that’s alright with me. I was happy. Even if the devil made me do it. I pay homage to the original sin and Lucifer’s efforts that allowed us the free thinking capability. This effort alone gave us the glorious ability to do stupid shit. From there, we must stop there and go no further. Do not stray from the narrow. Again, subjective. God is the

The Alpha and The Omega

The First and The Last.


Mind Blown


Again, subjective.

May the blind lead the blind just as they shall. Let their hearts be rejoiced in their resignation of their free-will. Let them carry their cross. As Jesus did for our sins. Let them carry their own. Let them US die for everybody and this planet as Jesus died for us. Let US make waste of this Earth and just end it already. Let US believe we can start again. Let US not fear for our lives despite the forsaking of our well being and health within our socioeconomics.

Now let someone within the authorities come lock me up and crucify me. Sub-come to the desperation of your mortal soul and come call me a real Christian. For I will die for you. As you must die for me. For I love you, my neighbor. As you should Iove me. I am not a liberal. I am not a conservative. But I am a Christian.

I believe that deep down, we don’t want to be like Jesus. As Marvelous as Our Savior is in all His Glory, we could never be that true. We could NEVER stand to that much integrity. Not even steel 50 inches thick has that much integrity.

We are self-destructive in his image though. Jesus is God, as Jesus is The Holy Spirit, as They are One In The Same AND They are One and The Same. The Holy Trinity, interwoven. You see it, don’t you.

For God knew you, before you knew yourself. He gave Life To You. That Life IS God. The Ocean IS GOD. Everything is God!! As You are everything in your consciousness. This is everything within our socioeconomics. As it is with me, YOU are realizing yourself, in code, in the Matrix. You are binary. Even IF you are non-binary. The amount of time you put into yourself, and the amount of thought you realize into things, the more you become the creator of your own life. Thoughts are things. Thoughts are powerful. Prayer and Meditation are Powerful. Praying is TALKING to God. Meditation is LISTENING to God. Intuition, is LISTENING to God. Instinct is LISTENING to God. And this is not even up for debate.

Look at US.

Are we Godly? Yes. We are in THEIR image as in Non-binary plus binary one and the same. Night and Day. The Middle Of The Battery. The Narrow Path. Our Path, Our Life plus Our Lives.

The Greatness is within. Even if,


All far short of The Glory of God.

We are Still given the Original Sin. God knew Lucifer the Same Way. God created the Angels. As God created YOU. But just as YOU CREATE YOU.

Every day our body dies by the cells. And everyday, by the cells, we are reborn. And every seven years, we are a completely different person. Because we create ourselves.

The Heavens exists. The heavens is everything that has the structure of ether. As a gas. The ethereal. That is Heaven. That is where metaphysics takes place. That is where we give new life. The bringer of life. As Water. As water is Life. As the space on the outside creates the weather. The impact of nothing to everything we know. How God has shaped us as the winds and the weather have shaped the surface and the shifts of the magnetic polarities. As the Center is the same as the Son.

And Hell exists. The lakes of fire and brimstone can be seen at the eruption of every volcano. To be renewed, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. The place where subterranean demons or creatures feed on the matter to be renewed. What’s left of it.

This is common sense; and the real socioeconomics of being connected and supporting the ecology and economy by shared societal understanding. Every day our body dies by the cells. And everyday, by the cells, we are reborn. And every seven years, we are a completely different person. The making no remorseful confessions of our Sins. For we are sinners. There is nothing we can do, but have faith that it is not a conspiracy of the rich and powerful leading US again, to another genocide of lesser class. Only the strong survive. Survival of the fittest.

So we use race as a means of survival. And the idea is to win the race with as few people to share with as possible. And this is where we keep adding labels. The more that divides us, protects the balance within our socioeconomics. The less polarity we get. Or the more… for we, being 60-70% water makes us like an ocean that is viable to becoming a powerful storm of conflict. Just by the shifting of the winds and the pressure that is applied. We too are just as violent. It is ingrained in our being. It is our genetic memory. It is our past lives. It is in our culture. It is in where we came from. It is in our DNA. It is our code. And even pirates have code. But we DO NOT have to be violent. We can be calm. We can be balanced. We can be at peace. We do not owe the world anything but to leave it alone as much as possible. We DO NOT have to be CONSUMERS or TAKERS. We do not have to give at the world’s expense. But that means, WE DO NOT NEED to be overworked, underpaid and unified for the benefit of the wealthy elites. You do not have to be poor. But you are the product of your environment. You are what you consume. You are your memories. You are your pains and suffering. You are all that and more. Both good and bad. But more in the gray area. Unless you are in high vibrations of great things, just as bad things hit the trough of that vibration as whatever happens has an equal and opposite reaction. That’s your vibe. In order to do really good, you must do really bad. Your positive outlook MUST be rivaled with a negative outlook. And vice versa. That is the balance.

Stress inspires too much greatness over the bar of mediocrity. For without Mediocrity, what is Good and Bad wouldn’t exist. But in Grace, we are given the go ahead. We make room for the now when we keep our vibrations closer to center. This is a place without time. Without tasks. Without wasteful consumption. Without destruction of the world. I argue that the least you can live with, the more you have in the end. This allows you to be anywhere in the world as an Earthling. Maybe even in space.

I’m not here to talk about how unfair this race is in the US. I’m done debating about All Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter. Either All Lives Matter or NO LIVES MATTER. You’re special and unique. But everyone is special and unique. Which makes nobody special and unique. Diversity is just a label between uniformity mixed with chaos. Again, predictably the scales are balanced. Justice will be served. It has to to protect the balance. It has to be as moderate as humanly possible. We can do this.

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