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The Stay at Home S.O.

I want this one to be a discussion piece….

So, you’re the stay at home parent. You got kids. But you also have your own debts and financially, it would be practical if you or your significant other stays home. What frame of mind are you usually in? Are you content in your homemaking? Or are you itching to work? Maybe from home. What about going out and living life? I’m not talking about going out to party. But I am, if that’s what it takes for you to find some kind of happiness.

Your significant other, no doubt, is the bread winner. Yet, you want to contribute and get out of the house as well. But… in order to financially do so, you have to work around your significant other’s work schedule. And say it is weekends only. Do you only work weekends?

What about if your significant other’s money is their money, and they made that clear? Where are you in all this? Does this make you strive harder to push back? Or do you succumb to being subordinate, or 2nd chair? Do you feel less like an equal? Or do you just go about your life accepting what crumbs they give you?

And since you basically have nothing, since you’re a stay at home wife or husband or domestic partner of sorts, with children or pets, and you feel like it’s not working out… where are you and where do you go from where you are?

Not many employers will hire just for weekends that pays well enough to sustain your debt. So what do you do? Do you go out and look for a job regardless of the money? Or do you go out and do what you’ve invested in yourself to do? Do you work from home? What about the children and pets? Daycare or kennels being expensive and all on top of your own personal debt, what is the next move? Has anyone ever figured that out?

Is it better to just give up and part ways, or do you test your partners limits of your actions whatever they may be? Do you get resentful? Spiteful? What about love? Does this have any direct impact on your relationship’s intimacy? What would you do, or what have you done in the role as the stay at home parent? Has this ever happened to you?

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