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  • Social Media Censorships
    It’s nothing new going forward with social media that you must follow the community standards. But when is language censorship and dialect of social groups in the “that’s the way we talk” gonna stop crossing streams? There is a whole formula of street talk that is not acceptable online such as Facebook. “Bitch”, “fuckface”, “cunt-muffin”, “douche bag” has even shown reports of being a flagged word that cannot and must not be spoken on Facebook. But that’s some crybaby bullshit. Were you ever cyber bullied? Hey! Get the fuck out of that thread and leave that piece of shit alone! … Continue reading Social Media Censorships
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  • Pray For My Mom, Please…And Thank You
    Doctor said she’s in the late stage of dementia and Alzheimer’s. She was forgetting how to breathe and swallow. Please send a prayer, some positive juju or just… please send some kindness. Thank you, Readers!
  • You Have a Small Business But You Need Some Help?
  • Stacy Adams’ Summer Shoe Clearance
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  • Where Does It Come From?
    Does it deserve a place of it’s own? The emotions and chemicals that surge through our bodies, do they or do they not control us? Chemical addiction, whether external or internal; like nicotine or dopamine. Do they determine the state of our entire being? Why do these chemicals influence us so much to where we are limited by them? Work seems to be one of the only things that keeps us level. But even that is contrived to an unhealthy balance of living if overworking is evident. It is imperative to check in with ourselves. Whether we psychoanalyze ourselves or … Continue reading Where Does It Come From?
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    If You Need Legal Documents, Check Out RocketLawyer. One thing as a business owner; the legal documentation that supports the business, including nondisclosure agreements are essential. This service has proven itself useful time and time again. Give it a try.
  • About The Importance of Socioeconomics
    We All Need… It is not always clear what it is that drives the economy. As the default, we say it is simply, “supply and demand”. But what drives supply and demand? This answer is all over the place. It is not clear what drives supply and demand. For some it’s the rarity of an item in question over the demand for it. That demand is fed by marketing. And lots of it. And for the absolute majority, this is not founded on “needs”. They are vastly set on “desires”. Not quite wants but more geared to resemble “needs”. Yet, … Continue reading About The Importance of Socioeconomics
  • Kid’s Balance Chair
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  • Ember
    In Deer Creek I grew up in this trailer park. It used to have honest integrity. Deer Creek as we all know it. It has its history. Ups and downs. It’s a high crime area. But my neighbor found a body of a homeless girl we all knew to some degree. She was missing since March something. 2021, for future context. Right behind a Good Will plaza shopping area. I have been staying with my folks to help out with my elderly mom. And often times, we hang out on the front porch together eating or conversing with neighbors like … Continue reading Ember
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    A lot of people are looking for ways to invest, buy and pay for goods while trying to minimize their digital print. Cryptocurrency provides such an experience. But only few cards allow you to go right in and out of crypto with low impact. Cash App is one of them. So at first glance, Cash App comes off as a spammy software, but that is very far removed from the truth. It takes a minute to set up and once you’re linked you begin to journey through the possibilities that aren’t readily available with mainstream institutions like traditional banks. Plus, … Continue reading If you’re looking for a way to bank and invest, check into this, (if you haven’t already)
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    You may be wondering, “What does Referral Candy have to do with my eCommerce site?”… There are Affiliate programs and there are Referral programs. They are essentially the same. BUT, a referral is more personable and the idea is to get your friends in on the action. It’s a closer kin to word of mouth advertising. And often times, depending on your products or services, referrals can be more rewarding than an affiliate link due to sharing just a link instead of a whole html formatted banner or text. So try it out. Your friends and family are mostly likely … Continue reading If you have an eCommerce Store, you might want to see this…
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  • Get Robinhood and Get Free Stocks
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  • Self Employed Quickbooks is Amazeballs… Is that still a word? Amazeballs?
    A few months ago, I was piecemealing my integration resources, and I came across this gem. Usually, I’m not one to support big brands unless I find value that actually benefits it’s purpose. And ever since COVID I’ve been been pinching at pennies, and reducing my expenditures. I’ll be honest… I’ve been paying more than I’ve been getting in, by a lot. These business expenses were becoming burdensome and if it weren’t for great tools and those stimulus checks, I would be underwater in debt. But thankfully, this Self Employed Quickbooks app has helped me consolidate functionalities and reduce costs. … Continue reading Self Employed Quickbooks is Amazeballs… Is that still a word? Amazeballs?
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  • Politically Correct
    This post will be updated with micro-posts, periodicals. We must stop hiding the wicked ways of the world where it promotes articles of taboo, sexuality and goes against community standards. We must remove the double standards of what we choose to promote and what we disallow. Instead, we must highlight misdeeds and good deeds with moral objection with stances of what is or what is not socially acceptable. Help individuals make good choices by allowing things to exist that are not socially acceptable. To do this, we must engage guidance, not turning it away. We must be able to observe … Continue reading Politically Correct
  • The Socioeconomics Downturn of Social Injustice from the Perspective of a Caucasian Cisgender Male Without Liberal Bias
  • Look, you got a small business, as do I
    I know the market is extremely volatile, but online businesses aren’t too shabby It’s been a good solid 2 years since I’ve been in advertising. And to be honest, I know I’m not geared up for more than 5 major clients at a time, and that’s why I aim small. Maybe I will grow BeaversDen one day, but my aim is to help small businesses compete with a dwindling large corporate overhead. This pandemic has put us all at odds with the status quo. And with the rise of Dogecoin, you can bet that the little man has more opportunities … Continue reading Look, you got a small business, as do I
  • When Referring To The Job Search, Mind Your Tone and Infliction When Job Hunting
  • Stacy Adam’s Shoes
    I remember when I was a young man about to get married. I must’ve tried on a dozen pair of shoes. I love shoes, but comfortable dress shoes are hard to find. I’m not saying my shoes were cheap by any means; but the affordability was also a contributing factor. I finally landed on a black pair of Stacy Adam’s. It was amazing how well they fit and compared to the others. Plus they were in my price point. I don’t remember the price tag back then, which was nearly 20 years ago, but I do remember the comfort of … Continue reading Stacy Adam’s Shoes
  • BeaversDen is Here to Help Small Businesses Get Started and Develop
    The corporate world has become to big to fail, but too concerned about profits over the quality of life. Big Corp industries ranging from retail to fast food to major warehouse logistics facilities… their real estate alone is taxing on our socioeconomic endeavors. Corporations have robbed us of our time, money, and most importantly, our lives. Corporations for decades have touted the line of convenience and ethics. This has played many hardships against each other and the people blame each other in the competitive nature of mere existence. While profits increase, the workers load also increased while mandating hard work … Continue reading BeaversDen is Here to Help Small Businesses Get Started and Develop
  • The Journey
  • The Journey
  • The Republican Socioeconomic Football
    What republicans have going for them is brute force that cares about nothing but the way they want it to go. I say that as a right leaning individual that claims moderation or conservative in the independent section without following policy of the independents or moderates. But from what I say against Republicans would leave people to believe I’m a liberal. But I ain’t. So enough about my politics and back to the issue at hand. The republicans are taking a very staunch approach as the snake on the “Don’t Tread On Me Flag” begins to eat its tail. I’m … Continue reading The Republican Socioeconomic Football
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  • A Socioeconomic Take On Racism
    As a young man, coming of age A socioeconomic take on racism in my perspective. Every summer for nearly 6 years, I went down to the basketball court in my neighborhood at the bottom of the hill. There were always at least a few people down there shooting some hoops. It was a universal game to play 21. Twenty one points to win the game, with options of playing tip out or win by two. In tip out, a player could play your rebounded missed shot while off the ground and reset your score back to zero. And three tipouts … Continue reading A Socioeconomic Take On Racism
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  • Major depressive disorder in socioeconomics
    Living with major depressive disorder while trying to maintain a place in this world. Understanding and coping with the “art of suffering”. LifeTalk by BeaversDen is currently between podcast hosts. Migration of the show is back and forth. May end up starting over. Bear with me. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/beaversden-blog/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/beaversden-blog/support
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  • Vaccination for COVID-19
    First Off… I would like to say that I’ve been vaccinated. I received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine within the past few days, and from my experience, within the first hour or so, I felt nothing. But once I was home and began to settle in, I started to feel it course through my body in little waves. The first symptom was a very small fever and sweats. A little clammy but also fatigue. The fatigue has lasted about three days now. And it is very sore at the muscle site in my arm where I received the shot. Day … Continue reading Vaccination for COVID-19
  • Use Google Workspace For Productivity
    What is Google Workspace?Google Workspace is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps teams communicate, collaborate and get things done from anywhere and on any device. It’s simple to set up, use and manage, so your business can focus on what really matters. Here are some highlights:Business email for your domain Look professional and communicate as you@yourcompany.com. Gmail’s simple features help you build your brand while getting more done. Access from any location or deviceCheck emails, share files, edit documents, hold video meetings and more, whether you’re at work, at home or on the move. You can pick up where you left off … Continue reading Use Google Workspace For Productivity
  • I really like the idea
    Of helping small businesses.
  • A Really Good Friend Once Instilled This Into Me
  • Happy Easter 2021
    As a Christian, I have been traveling place to place looking for answers. Not physically. Spiritually. I needed to know the why as a youngster would ask. Science tells us to ask these questions: who, what, when, where, why and how. The more I explored this path of logic, I began to somewhat understand, spiritually. But logic and reason began to fall away to leave me with my faith. I think this is a one size fits all at these crossroads, meaning, I believe that we all get to this point and some either come to understand or they don’t … Continue reading Happy Easter 2021
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    If you’re looking for web hosting options, you gotta check out Web Hosting Pad. There are currently several offers available. You can check them out through this link. I have yet to hear or read any negative reviews, so if you have a bad experience, please let me know. Otherwise, happy blogging!
  • Mental health issues
  • Personal Development
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  • Understanding Your Data’s Purpose
    Data Collection For the untrained mind in today’s socio-political climate, it is easy to get caught up in conspiracies regarding things we know very little about. In turn, demonize it as someone making profit on your data. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Understanding your data’s purpose for analysis has plenty of benefits. But we’ll circle back to this in a bit. However, there is increasing concern about protecting your data. Trust, in the general sense, has been deduced to gimmicks of self-serving peril in modern society. But yet, consumers still consume and purchase products from reputable sources. For … Continue reading Understanding Your Data’s Purpose
  • It’s Official
    BeaversDen is now a developer and partner with Shopify! If you’re looking to start your own eCommerce, I can help you set one up and configure it to your preferences. Everything on the development part will be done for you! Client Setup! If you would like to get your own Shopify store, let’s get started…
  • Fiverr
    I feel like, what I can’t do creatively, I find creative freelancers that can. I journey through Fiverr from time to time to see what project I’m working on that I could use help with. I’ve had help with logos and ad copy and was not disappointed in either instance. What seemed like weeks of trying to accomplish a goal took just a couple hours at most from one source. While Fiverr is good for quick jobs, there is still a need for an agent or creative director overseeing bigger projects. Not all things are created equal. Fiverr vets and … Continue reading Fiverr
  • Publishers Clearing House
    ^an affiliate link/ offer ended/ kept for archives Thrown out as junk mail. The process is a little out of touch, but this series of fortunate events is as unimaginable as one could possible misunderstand what it is. We grew bored of gimmicks. We became disinterested. In everything. But… As crazy as it sounds, Publishers Clearing House is legit. The involvement is similar to fantasy football… mixed with sweepstakes and coupon clipping. Try it at least once.
  • At last. A post that’s relevant to this site…
    Socioeconomics Here we are, 2021 with no clue as a society as to what socioeconomics is. We have people whom are smart enough to define it and others will try to explain it, but very few understand it. That is my opinion. This post will not be backed by verifiable data or propaganda. This post is simply a layman’s perspective on what drives society inside an economy as well as what drives an economy outside a society, and how each group within the other averages out across the board collectively. I will address technology, politics, business, family, mental health and … Continue reading At last. A post that’s relevant to this site…
  • Now is a good time to start your small business! And I can help you advertise and get up to $5,000 in tax deductions!
    It should come as no surprise that people are adapting to the way things are. Working from home or working remotely in a data-tech rich arena is easier than ever before. With digital giants offering free training and certifications as well as low cost education and training, we are seeing opportunities left and right. The only draw back is taking charge of your day to day. You don’t have to be tech savvy to have a business at home or at the beach. You just need me and or others like me to help you get your products or services … Continue reading Now is a good time to start your small business! And I can help you advertise and get up to $5,000 in tax deductions!
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  • -Isms
    Poor blinded stupid people, both red and blue and scattered purple people; with their idealistic, third party inclusive delusions. Extremists awry – from both justice and equal opportunistic oppositions. Canon fodder amiss of classist circumvention. May the spirit digress back to individualism A way from misguided holier than thou -isms.
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  • Guitar Lessons
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  • Sour Diesel by ILGM
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  • If I owe you money…
    If I owe you… Let me help you in setting you up with residual income, or a work from home gig, being your own boss, making your own money. Now I will be helping you. I will manage what you want me to manage. If you need training, I can help. Damn. I can be your Robot friend, like Siri. Ha!! Nah, that requires listening to everything you say. Hell no. Hot damn I’m not gonna listen to you 24/7. Oof, no. You probably stink through the phone. Think about that again. Hit me up.
  • Melissa and Doug
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  • Ask me questions about my business!
    I’m currently building an FAQ Page. Help me out. Please and thank you. Leave your questions in the comment section below. I will try to respond in a timely manner.
  • 1 Bill, No Pork
    Tell Congress, “Enough is Enough!” View the petition for yourself. I’m sure you’ll agree.
  • Psychological Reflection
    Mental Health Assessment Where it runs in the family Robert All my life I’ve been around family that’s had some form of mental health issues. As a kid, I didn’t think nothing of it. I just assumed that’s how my uncle Robert was. Before he got bad off, I would go to his room while he played guitar and I would watch him play. In my earlier years of watching him play, I thought he was really good at it. He tried to sing, but that wasn’t his thing. When he wasn’t playing, he would be chain-smoking, lying on the … Continue reading Psychological Reflection
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  • Bye Felicia
    The Business End In the business world, ethics is of tremendous value. But one thing in ethics inside the business world is the lack of humanity. Not the decency of humanity, but the fallibilities of humanity. Competition in a capital society suggests that its business and nothing personal. But how do people turn on and turn off that switch so easily? At some point or another, business is personal. It’s inevitable. But as we practice business ethics, it becomes easier to strip away that layer of empathy or sympathy when someone gets fired or laid off. Or at least, that’s … Continue reading Bye Felicia
  • BeaversDen to Onboard New Small Business Clients
    Are you developing your brand? BeaversDen can help. Here’s how … >>> Need help setting up your eCommerce site? Check this out… >>> Planning? See what’s up… >>>
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  • Seeking Small Business Owners
    At BeaversDen – General Media, I am seeking small business owners that are considering advertising, marketing and public relations. I offer low cost services and I am eager to work with you and help you business grow.
  • 15% Off All Arts & Crafts for Valentine’s Day
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  • Doge and The Alt-Right
    Opinion Drizzled with moderate bias but served with justice. I feel like I should clear the air on something. I realize that Trump supporters, us Bern-Outs and BLM and Pink Hats and Middle Class in general all have one thing in common: We all think the government could be doing a much better job than they are doing. We all think the wrong people are pulling the strings. And this is valid to say the least. However, when Colin Kaepernick took a knee in light of BLM and Police Reform, Trump supporters were screaming “Not like that, you don’t. That’s … Continue reading Doge and The Alt-Right
  • We Can Do Better Than That!
    Being for automation is being against jobs. Being for robots is being against jobs. Being for something that increases profit is TYPICALLY being for something that’s against jobs and job security. Job consolidation…. working people like dogs… that’s against jobs. Being for all that is the equivalent of being against jobs. Being against a livable wage is being pro-tax. People who work 40+ hours a week and barely scrape by promotes welfare and government subsidized income. Subsidized income calls for higher taxes. That’s true socialism. You’re either for CorporateAmerica taking care of the workers that help it profit; OR you’re … Continue reading We Can Do Better Than That!
  • The Absence Of Your Own Presence
    There are many types, but the worst thing about depression is the absence of your own presence within your own consciousness.
  • Gaiam Products
    Below you’re about to embark on some mental health solutions in Yoga and Meditation. Gaiam makes some good stuff. And these are my affiliate links from them. Check it out. FILA Sport Fitness Mat & Sling 10mm Pilates Ring Classic Solid Yoga Mat 5mm Kidnasium Activity Dice SPRI resistance kit Balance Ball Stool Restore Compact Foam Roller Essential Interlocking Fitness Mat Pack of 12 Essential Interlocking Fitness Mat Pack of 24 Raja Meditation Chair Kids Dino Zone Yoga Mat 4mm Yoga Essential Block Yoga Essential Block 2 pack Yoga Wheel Hanging Yoga and Fitness Mat Hanging Yoga and Fitness Mat … Continue reading Gaiam Products
  • National Puzzle Day : Melissa and Doug
    Celebrate National Puzzle Day with Melissa & Doug. Buy One Puzzle, Get One 50% Off. Use Code PUZZLE50
  • Inside BeaversDen – General Media
    CMS WordPress I use WordPress for the security aspects. It’s not always easy to use, but it offers many options. The workaround is sometimes challenging, but with persistence, it’s quite worth it. CRM HubSpot HubSpot integrates nicely with all of my devices and keeps me organized with my clients and their journey at BeaversDen. There are literally thousands of uses for HubSpot but I just use it to maintain deals, offers and customer and client journeys. Creative Suite Adobe Spark Adobe Spark is one of the main creative applications I use due to Creative Commons licensing agreements. This has really … Continue reading Inside BeaversDen – General Media
  • Episode 4 – BeaversDen – LifeTalk
    Socioeconomics, Politics, Science and Religion
  • BeaversDen
    BeaversDen – General Media
  • Episode 2 – BeaversDen: AcousticPod (Series)
    via IFTTT
  • Episode 3 – BeaversDen – LifeTalk
  • Episode 2 LifeTalk Live
    Socioeconomics WFH
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  • Printful Threads
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  • Small Business Association Launches Ascent: An Online Learning Platform For Women In Business
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  • Personal Safety – Noonlight
    When you need someone to look after you for just in case you feel threatened or scared either while on a date or out by yourself. This is a very practical app. Get Noonlight
  • Earn Extra Cash Playing Online: Pool Payday
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The Valley Law is a novel, but structural to the integrity of society and civilizations. In this form, the Valley Law is a blog style novel by Glenn R. Beaver, Jr.

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