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  • Royal Sports Bar
    5425 N Henry Blvd, Stockbridge, GA 30281 A couple pool tables, and they’re building a dance floor. Great for events, groups, business meetings. Kinda small bar, but they’re gonna extend it a little bit. Could also be great for Birthdays and private events. Lots of potential. Lots of marketing opportunities here. It is a great spot, actually. Looks like an all inclusive cultural arena. Check it out!
  • BadAss Extension Cords
    Bad Ass At Work T-Shirt – XL White – White Bad Ass Bad Bunny Tank – Large Black – Black All Bad Ass Swag items include FREE shipping. Even if your total cart does not exceed the $99 threshold, the Swag portion of that cart will ship FREE. Swag items are made to order, and thus will ship to you from a different location than our Extension Cords. For any orders containing both Cords and Swag, you will receive your items in separate shipments, and will also get separate shipping confirmations. Since Swag items are made to order, we only […]
  • I Gotchu
    Looks like Cupid struck Gold with frustrated smugness. Love is good. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Why Do They Never Reciprocate?
  • Charm
    Here you are, with the world in the palm of your hand. You and everyone else. We all have this power. This charm. This magic. The ability to create and destroy everything in our purview, if not create it…. At least, we allow it.​
  • Katie Baby
    God’s Will Maybe its temporary. Maybe its lifelong. But when I am with her, time just stops. In that right, this situation, without a doubt is God’s Will. I’ve known Katie since the 4th grade. I always liked looking at her. She was pleasant to be around. And I know this sounds like a Eulogy… but this girl is very much alive. And I digress. We went to elementary school together; to middle school together; to high school together and even had overlapping hometown social circles. And I moved around a lot. I mean… A LOT Each place I lived […]
  • For My Beautiful Little Girls
    The name of the painting is Poop Purr Duper Turds sounded out as pooperdooperturds poo•per•doo•per•turds. I love my girls. They mean the world to me. And I don’t see them enough. I’m gonna fix that somehow. Sooner or later. Shooting for sooner. Hopefully neither of them ever dates a guy named Sooner. I don’t want to shoot him… but I will. I’m getting ahead of myself. They are the ages of 8 and 4. I’m on my way to see them in the morning.
  • Optics of Brittney Grimer
    Opinion In the scope of Brittney Griner, it makes sense on the optics of how many people know Grimer over the soldiers by name. Soldiers are just known as soldiers. And we’ve fought like hell for generations to end senseless wars. Those soldiers paid for her freedom. For all of us. That is the sacrifice a soldier makes for the privilege of others. But what does that buy us but indignation? Resentment to our government and country. As if we are still rebellious teenagers resenting our parents for our own mistakes. At some point, younger generations need to step in […]
  • Democracy in The US of A
    The really funny thing is we never truly had a democracy. Only the illusion. Over time, technology has allowed us more and more per view of what’s really going on. Think back to the 80s and 90s to now. There was more privacy back then. Plus there was a lot left to the imagination. Not so much anymore. In full frontal disclosure, this is what democrats wanted: transparency. And every year, we get a little more transparent. Republicans, they love privacy. So much so they believe sexuality should not be a public scope and spectacle. They like back door deals/ […]
  • Worry and Anxiety
    The difference rests on how much control you have. If you’re more conscious about it you’ll be in more control. And you’ll worry about that. If you don’t have control, the anxiety will shut you down. You might not be worrying that you know of, but your body will let you know. Comment your thoughts below.
  • Carry On My Wayward Son
    Walk Off The Earth Its a whole mood
  • Taco Therapy
  • Balance
    In school, we learn the lesson and are given the test. But in life, we are given the test and then taught the lesson. The best we can hope for is to get the best preparation in school for life. But the only practice is dealing with the people in the same boat as you and competing to be the best or better than the majority. And if nothing else, better than you were the day before. That’s hard to do when most days you’re just like fuck this shit. Being mindful of that funk and avoiding that not-so-good street […]
  • As Above, So Below
  • B and E Tree Service and Firewood
    Contact Paul Beaver
  • Spirit
    Core There’s something about myself that I know is true to my core. The older I get, the less I want out of life. It is not that I don’t want to live or that I want to die. Neither of those is true. I progressively wish to have less and reduce my carbon footprint. As if “less is more.” Some people want it all, plus the moon and the stars. I see it as wasteful, destructive, hoarding, and harmful to the world. For me, spiritually, I look at the state of the world in a traditional conservative sense. I […]
  • Just Put An Egg In A Tomato And You Will Be Amazed
  • Back in the Day
  • Name a Small Business
    A small business you love. A place that brings out the joy in you… Leave Your Answers In The Comments
  • Communication Breakdown
    I am often boring, bland, but straightforward, meticulous and respectfully blunt; except, when discussing a vision, a plot, strategy or idea. For example, I work in advertising, marketing and public relations. I offer creative services, manage campaigns, generate leads, handle search engine optimization, data analytics and marketing strategies. Just to name a few responsibilities I take on as a single member media agency. In this way, I operate in a flywheel. Professionally speaking, I do not sugar coat my own brand. I do not sell me, nor my occupation. Personally speaking, right the opposite. I do sugar coat my brand […]
  • Give Your Promotional Creatives A New Edge! Try Monotype!
    Monotype is a font emporium that works with clever and prominent designers and licensers for your promotional campaigns. Get up to 60% off select fonts at Fontshop.com during the Missed Hits Sale! Get up to 60% off select fonts at Linotype.com during the Missed Hits Sale!
  • Ship Station
    ShipStation is the leading web-based shipping software that is built to help online retailers organize and process their orders, while fulfilling and shipping them quickly and easily. With automatic order importing from over 40 shopping carts and marketplaces, like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Magento, Squarespace, and more, and automation features like custom hierarchical rules, product profiles, and more, ShipStation helps online retailers ship out their orders from wherever they sell, however they ship.
  • A platform to Keap up with your business
    Keap #1 Small Business CRM, Sales & Marketing Automation Platform Get Keap, and get more of what you need to manage your small business more efficiently ^an Affiliate Link
  • Boundaries
    It’s important to revisit the conversation in relationships of all kinds to determine the boundaries of the relationships. Look to establish trust, loyalty, commitment level, see what their purposes are in the relationship and help it grow instead of just letting it sit there enjoying each other’s company. What are friends for? Boyfriend or boy friend, girl friend or Girlfriend. If you don’t establish those relationship boundaries it’s gonna be whatever.
  • Wanna Live Off Grid?
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  • ILGM: 420 Super Sale
    With 420 around the corner, these great deals just pops out! Not only does Robert Bergman at ILGM hook it up with the deals on seeds, but his informational literature is on point. I have yet to check out their plant ferts and nutrients, but I have heard good things. More from I ❤️ Growing Marijuana ^affiliate link If you’re looking into becoming an affiliate marketer with I❤️GM, click here.
  • Sprout Social
    Build and grow stronger relationships on social with Sprout Social ^an Affiliate Link
  • Start An Online Business They Said. Create A Residual Income They Said…
    Types of income: Earned Residual Portfolio But what are some good website ideas that can help with the residual? I got some ideas for you. As a WordPress user, website owner, affiliate marketer, advertiser, marketer and small business owner, I’ve got this specific niche of exploring the innovative wonders of tech for small business. Here’s a few good ones to try. Website Hosting Bluehost When building your website, you gotta have a host. This company has great reviews on the WordPress platform. WordPress Hosting ECOMMERCE Shippo Shippo is great for small businesses. Great for integration with eCommerce setups and multiple […]
  • Traveling? Use KAYAK
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  • #1 Marketing Meme 2022
    Hands Down #Zoom
  • Shop Gaiam
    Gaiam Meditation Collection Gaiam Active Sitting Collection Gaiam Recover Collection Gaiam Fitness Equipment and Accessories Collection Gaiam Active Standing Line Gaiam Top Sellers ^an affiliate link
  • WebHostingPad
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  • Brookstone
    Looking for gift ideas that are tech savvy? We got you covered. Brookstone: PowerCube |Original| Brookstone: Levitating Lamp – Moon Brookstone: Check Out New Outdoor Home Products ^affiliate link
  • Taco Bell Weddings
    What? The Taco Bell near me has been closed for remodel for over two months and has been driving me insane. It looks like it’s almost done, so I look it up online to see if I can catch a date expectancy for its grand reopening, and what do I find? Taco Bell Weddings… You remember the packet of sauce? Well, well, well… Here I thought it was all about marriage between sauce and taco or sauce and burrito, or sauce and quesadilla, or whatever… but no. They actually do catering for weddings! And here I thought drive thru weddings […]
  • Purple
    Pick Your Comfort Level
  • StandDesk
    50% Off – Free Shipping ^an affiliate link
  • SOUL
    S-Nano Earbuds ^An affiliate link
  • Not My Work But Good
  • Trustless Tribe by Relentless Betrayal on The Maven Messenger App!
    Check out this great deal I found on Maven Messenger. https://m.mavenapp.com?s=LS8yle
  • Get Phone.com
  • Truth Is
  • The Walrus
  • Tired
    To be honest… IF… I am being honest… I’m tired of it. I’m tired of the pain and suffering. I’m tired of circumstantial victimization. I’m tired of being so close, but yet so far. I’m tired of complaining, let alone, having something to complain about. I’m tired of the Coronavirus. The omicron variant. The bullshit. I’m tired of not taking it seriously, yet, I’m tired of it being taken TOO seriously. I’m tired of the economic strain it has had on my business and my family. My daughter has it. So far, she is asymptomatic to it. And… it scares […]
  • Get OfficeSuite
    From Mobisystems, Inc., comes OfficeSuites. A spectacular package of get it done apps.
  • I’ve Been Carrying Pain For Too Long
    For The Years Before From 2003-2006, I was anything but close to my wife. Mostly because her adopted father and stepmother were placing their noses in business that was no longer their own. I joined the military and left her alone with my oldest daughter…(for entertainment purposes, we shall refer to her {my daughter} as Luna Tique… she’s now 18.). My wife (whose name we shall only refer to her as the wife or exwife.) in the beginning was going through a very hard time. After my first child was born, my wife was all alone with post partum depression. […]
  • What’s This About?
    Cutthroat Capitalism or Courtship? Context. Matching passive-aggressive behavior to aggressive behavior to the very claw tip of a blade, barely resting, not even piercing the skin of an unwelcome female This carnal act of dominance in attempt to remove said female from the home of a very grieving father, losing his late wife of 50+Extra years in August. The thief with a perfect cocktail of fucked up in the head. A knife to the throat of Cutthroat Capitalism, where one of us gets over on another. Can it be viewed as being met with a shotgun? I gotta know. A […]
  • Know Where To Park During The Holidays
    Search Top US & Canadian Airports. Never overpay for your parking again. Only At AirportParking.com Shop Now! Merry Christmas!
  • Oh okay! So you want free stuff?
    What about our time? Capitalism is all about getting the best bang for your buck. In any deal, you want to come away with the best of the best. You should want to be at the place where you can make something out of nothing. So why pay someone to help you make money? What’s popping’? You have a business? Let me know. I will give you FREE guidance info on your next ad campaign.
  • Subsidize
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  • BlueHost
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  • Giant Vapes – Cyber Monday Sale
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  • Let’s Level Up, Small Business Owners
  • Small Business Opportunity With Printful
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  • Need a Stock Option?
    I know I’m super late on this but hey, check it out. This is as informative and if it keeps your “interest”, trading is a good idea.
  • Join The Conversation
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  • (no title)
    Hey!I think you’d love Lili – a new bank account designed for freelancers! If you use this code when you create your account, you’ll receive a $100 sign up bonus when you start using your card!
  • If You Are A Freelance Contractor, Sign Up For A Lili Account And Save
    I’ve had my Lili account for over a year now and the app allows me to track and save my tax dollars as well as account for expenses. I’ve seen this with only one other bank that actually worked. This card is a great tool for the freelance world. It is designed specifically for freelance contractors. Try LiLi Today!
  • Melissa & Doug Furniture Sale 2 Days Only
    As a father, one of my favorite lines of toys is Melissa and Doug. Most of which are wooden and quality made to last, which is why they’re one of the most recognized tout brands in their bedrooms. Many of which may last their lifetimes.
  • BeaversDen: Business Plan
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  • New Song Lyrics
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  • Dear Small Business Owners, Lend Me Your Eyes
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  • BlueHost
    Web hosting on WordPress is so much smoother with bluehost.
  • Standdesk
    Try incorporating a healthy alternative that can stand with you as you work productively, and beat that lag of fatigue. Stay sharp and stay focused.
  • Get Acorns!
    For every purchase you make, you can use the change nearly everyday to add to your investment portfolio with as little as $5 a week.
  • Let Me Manage Your Ads and Marketing For You
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  • Retirement Pig
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  • If You Have a Small Business and You’re Looking to Reward Your Employees, Check This Out!
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  • If You Like Doing Wood Work, Check This Out!
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  • Felt Right
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  • Affiliate Marketing
    Find items that help build your brand and the essence of presence online. Over time, this will help you stand out amongst the rest.
  • Need Help With Setting Up a Shopify Store? I Can Help!
    BeaversDen is a Shopify Partner Developer
  • May You Rest In Peace, Momma
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  • Sporadica
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  • Press Release with E-Releases
    This post is about the “press release” which falls under public relations. It’s common use is typically for grand openings, branding, beta testing, rebranding, public apologies, new product or service or addressing concerns…
  • A Revelation Through Moderation
    Without government intervention, how can we install moderation through our daily activities? Give and take. Moderation. Moderation is key.
  • Challenge: 1Day Diet
    ONLY 1 BIG BAG of chips 𖠥 No more than 10oz. Only 1 Softdrink 𖠦 No more than 20oz Free foods are raw roots, nuts, vegetables and water.
  • “I’ll give You One Marketing Tip, Today”… Let a New Archive Be Made
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  • Discover Niche Marketing With Glenn at BeaversDen
    Discover Niche Marketing with Glenn at BeaversDen!
  • AD to your own Flavor!
    AD to your own flavor
  • 4th of July
  • The Early Bird Gets The Worm… Or So The Story Goes
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  • Want More Content? Sign Up and Join The Discussion!
    Join the BeaversDen community and learn more about how BeaversDen can help your small business grow.
  • Got a Dog or Cat Outside This Summer? It’s Flea and Tick Season
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  • Advertise Your Business
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  • Contribute to BeaversDen
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  • Get ActivTrak
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  • Aquasana Water Filters
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  • Where Major Depressive Disorder Meets Faith
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  • Ratings and Reviews
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  • Advertising With BeaversDen
  • 3D Cart
    Scalable E-Com Website from 3DCart. Free Trial! ^an affiliate link
  • BeaversDen Radio
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  • Pray For My Mom, Please…And Thank You
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  • Stacy Adams’ Summer Shoe Clearance
    Summer Clearance Sale! Get up to 60% off clearance when you use your 20% off promo code. Don’t wait, this offer won’t last long! Use Code LNKTCLS2 ^an affiliate link Hiya! Glenn here, with another Stacy Adams deal on shoes. One of my favorite dress shoes. Check this deal out!
  • Gorilla Glue MJ Sale- Get 10 Auto or Feminized Seeds, Get 10 Free – I❤️GM
    Need Some Weed Seeds? ILGM has all kinds of seeds on deals. This is just one of the latest and greatest. Check ‘em out! ^an affiliate banner
  • Where Does It Come From?
    Does it deserve a place of it’s own? The emotions and chemicals that surge through our bodies, do they or do they not control us? Chemical addiction, whether external or internal; like nicotine or dopamine. Do they determine the state of our entire being? Why do these chemicals influence us so much to where we are limited by them? Work seems to be one of the only things that keeps us level. But even that is contrived to an unhealthy balance of living if overworking is evident. It is imperative to check in with ourselves. Whether we psychoanalyze ourselves or […]
  • RocketLawyer
    If You Need Legal Documents, Check Out RocketLawyer. One thing as a business owner; the legal documentation that supports the business, including nondisclosure agreements are essential. This service has proven itself useful time and time again. Give it a try.
  • About The Importance of Socioeconomics
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  • Kid’s Balance Chair
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