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    I can’t speculate too much out of being labeled a conspiracy nutcase but this could explain why we don’t have any money to squander on the stimulus… To be fair though, I don’t really know. But these are going down, and they are on their way now… I just really hope 2021 is great for everybody. Not just a few.
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  • AirVape X
    Looking for the Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer on the Market? Look no further. The AirVape X embodies the perfect harmony of elegant design and strong performance
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    25% OFF SITE WIDE! <p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80"> If you’re new to yoga like me or you don’t have much time to go to the gym, or don’t have access to strength training equipment, a simple yoga mat helps a lot. Join me in using this COVID lockdown time, getting our minds centered, our bodies back on a healthy track with just a yoga mat. Browse the site for other nice finds.
  • I Don’t Belong Here
  • I Don’t Belong Here…
  • What The Hell Am I Doing Here?
  • I’m a Weirdo…
  • But I’m a Creep…
  • I Wish I Was Special….
  • You’re SO Fuggin Special…
  • Whatever You Want…
  • Whatever Makes You Happy…
  • Run
  • She Runs, Run, Run, Run…
  • She’s Running Out…
  • She’s Running Out The Door….
  • I Don’t Belong Here…
  • What The Hell Am I Doing Here?
  • I’m a Weirdo…
  • But I’m a Creep….
  • I Wish I Was Special…
  • You’re So Fuggin Special…
  • When I’m Not Around…
  • I Want You To Notice…
  • I want a Perfect Soul…
  • I want a Perfect Body…
  • I Don’t Care If It Hurts…
  • I don’t Belong Here…
  • What the Hell am I Doing Here?
  • I’m a Weirdo…
  • But I’m a Creep…
  • I Wish I was Special…
  • You’re so FUGGIN special….
  • In a Beautiful Weather…
  • You Float Like A Feather…
  • Your Skin Makes Me Cry…
  • You’re Just Like An Angel…
  • I Couldn’t Look You In The Eye…..
  • When You Were Here Before…
  • I want To Have Control…
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  • Making it Work
    Many people believe that if you love someone, you would never hurt them. But alternately, we hurt the ones we love the most.
  • Why Disc Golf is My Jam
    As a kid, I really loved riding my bike and hiking on trails out in the woods. Some took a bit of exploring to find, but once I was on it, I would keep coming back if I could. There was one trail with some kind of boulder formation with a short overhang. I’m not entirely sure, but I would bet someone could have taken shelter there, if necessary. Now the big rocks don’t have much to do with anything exactly; except… it was a great find and it was a catalyst. I never really liked liked being out in … Continue reading Why Disc Golf is My Jam
  • Clinical Supplies USA
    Okay ladies and gentlemen, BeaversDen here again with an Affiliate Link. Please bear in mind that if you follow this link or the image you see in this post below, you will land on an affiliate page, Clinical Supplies USA. Please note, I do not partner or affiliate with any untrusted links. This is not a scam or an eager sale. BUT, if you purchase from the link or image, I will receive a commission. If you can’t work from home, be Safe! Love ya.
  • GanttPro
    Okay ladies and gentlemen, first of all, I’m gonna treat this like a sale. Because if you buy it, I’ll earn a commission. So no scams or anything like that. I’m gonna tell you what this is, how you can benefit from it, and how much it’s gonna cost ya, before you decide when you’re gonna buy the subscription. Ok, so, I’m gonna start out by saying, Microsoft Excel is a great tool. As is Google Sheets. I like them both respectively for their capabilities. And they are similar, but not quite the same. And there are several platforms I … Continue reading GanttPro
  • Something Long Overdue
    Scene One: The Dumps First of all, this isn’t a rant. Nor a cry for help. But most importantly what this is not is a pity party. I’m not trying to bring your mood down at all. But please understand one thing: this is who I am RIGHT NOW. I need you. I honestly do. I miss the hanging out, how it once was. How you would see me before you knew me. I’m not pointing fingers at you. I know you gave it your best and I was not on your level. And I understand that people want others … Continue reading Something Long Overdue
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    If you were my client in the past year, could you please submit a review at Bark, please? This button will take you there.
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  • Feedback
    At BeaversDen – General Media I would like to know how your experience is here on my site. Maybe what kind of improvements you would like to see or some ideas you may have.
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  • What Content Are You Selling?
    Marketing is knowing, and knowing… is half the battle. So what is it you might be missing when you’re trying to capture the right audience at the right time and at the right place? It’s fairly simple but also very time consuming. What am I talking about here? Content Marketing By this, we tend to suggest that content is your product or service. Right? No. We call it a deliverable. That can be anything that is related to your product or service… kinda like a package. What matters is not the product or service. It is how you sell it … Continue reading What Content Are You Selling?
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  • The Breadwinner Poll
  • Chemical Depression
    Any type of depression can become clinical. It doesn’t take much, believe it or not. Certain chemicals that our bodies create are often extremely toxic. Its kinda like nicotine. Dopamine is what’s responsible for happiness and pleasure. But there are other chemicals that block the re-uptake of dopamine. Nicotine, alcohol, drugs, nightshade foods, etc. all play a role. Once you get to a certain level, you become chemically stuck until you diagnose exactly what it is that is wrong with you. And there is something wrong with a person at this point. The process of discovery is exhausting. The right … Continue reading Chemical Depression
  • Pieces Together
    What do you mean about independence anyway? What do you mean by you and your own. Yet… you’re the type to be a part of a group or a certain shared ideology. What do you mean about singularity? What do you mean we must not use labels anyway? What’s this about a collective? When… you’re the type to be a loner. We are one. We are individually just one. And we are collectively just one. We are a “civilization” and social constructs based on agreements. We are an economy. And we are an ecology. We are viral, bacterial, parasitical, microbial … Continue reading Pieces Together
  • Mental Health Check
    This shit sucks, amirite? You deal with your affliction in ways that people don’t understand you. You throw off a bad vibe, sometimes unsettling. And its heightened by pain. My affliction is MDD (Major Depressive Disorder). Its been in and out of my life for as long as I can remember. There was only one thing I remember that “kept” me happy. And that is no longer an option. I wish my friends could understand that I never meant to hurt them in any way. But this doesn’t excuse my behavior towards them. In a way, I hope they can … Continue reading Mental Health Check
  • The Recliner
    Alright. For the first time, I’ve been needing to get off my chest. Or back in this instance. I may have mentioned something about the recliner in one of my mental health posts, but if not, I will get around to that. What’s going on with me is bizarre. It started a couple years ago AFTER a couple years before then. Exact dates would be helpful, but to be honest, unless its written down, I don’t remember too good. Anyhoo, I had flipped my motorcycle. Landed on my back. No issues right away. I actually got back on it all … Continue reading The Recliner
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  • The Seatbelt Argument
    My last 2 cents about the CoVid19 mask…The seatbelt argument: Before it was MANDATED to wear a seatbelt in the car; and I remember clear as day when it was mandated that you wear it or get a fine. I, myself, have received several tickets for not wearing a seatbelt. I thought that they were just trying to control me. Damn the man. Y’all remember? I was never in an accident; even to this day, the accidents I’ve been in were stop and go bumper tag. That’s it. But I’ve lost a lot of people who’ve died in car accidents. … Continue reading The Seatbelt Argument
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  • On God
    You’re born alone and you die alone. You’re sitting on a marble floating in space, for fuck sake. You’re just consuming and tearing shit up. Why do you not care about that? You’re garbage and you’ll never escape hell. When you’re buried, it will take an eternity to reach the core and meet the lake of fire and brimstone. That is true. Even if you’re cremated, you’ll meet the fire. Burial at see, you’ll meet the abyss. Burial in space, you’ll float in an abyss. All of which is hell. Now that you know hell is real… do you believe … Continue reading On God
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  • Comfortable
    Lets make no mistake about who is more comfortable than others. Most of us have been too busy thinking about our goals and responsibilities; or more tragically, reflecting on our poor choices in life. So much so that we have the capacity to let it all waste away. Every moment. Every breath. Even right now as you passively read these words of little importance. What’s to be done for those whom have graced us with a pathway to be taken for granted? We see the work of others in a taken for granted gesture. Not valuing the effort and the … Continue reading Comfortable
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    BeaversDen and the Marketing Plan “Hello Prospect” found in Evernote.
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  • Rant: Liberate
    Rant: PART 1. We needed leadership. Not finger pointing and bratty ass name calling from Trump. He left it to the government. When it was NATIONWIDE. Federal government should have addressed it federally. With federal leadership. But no. Nothing. Instead, what we got was showboating and attacks on states. Fighting with each state. FORCING each state TO FUCKING BID ON VENTILATORS!!! Instead what we got was a group of governors trying to find a way from one state to the next. INCONSISTENT AF. PART 2. The Governors of each state was rightfully charged to do what was best for their … Continue reading Rant: Liberate
  • Muh Muh Muh My Corona
    In the wake of a strange time, it’s a wonder how we come to terms with such a pandemic of erratic behavior. Although some people can predict its patterns with analytical data, it does not illustrate cause and effect. Rather, cum hoc ergo propter hoc suggests correlation does equate to causation. There are too many conspiracy theories suggesting that this virus is a stem from the radiation effects of 5G. As if the new 5G Internet frequencies are the ultimate cause of Covid-19. I’m curious as to how, why, who, and where these conspiracy theories originated. I’m also curious as … Continue reading Muh Muh Muh My Corona
  • Finding Love
    Finding Love & Dropping It
  • Making the Connection
    It is what we strive to do, one way or another to survive. Some more than others because some of us like people while others, well, not so much. We know this. We put this in the back of our minds as we hustle and struggle. We vent and restructure. We build and rebuild our selves and resources to make ourselves more marketable. And we tally up all the negative things people do to us, just so we can dismiss them and we do it for growth. It’s not familiar to be alienated and abandoned but it is common nonetheless. … Continue reading Making the Connection
  • Book an Appointment
    Booking If you are planning to start a business, or are growing your business from the startup phase to a well maintained small business, BeaversDen is looking for you. BeaversDen is also a small business that works with advertising, marketing strategies and public relations. Book an appointment: powered by:
  • Outlets and Inlets
    With my goals and dreams, I’ve come to notice something very crucial to my creativity. The hopes v the expectations v the reality. All in all, my little idea became a project. And that project became a goal. Maybe a slight obsession. It has been an age long dream to do something like this; to blog and to write. To talk to people and send a message. And so I began writing music, then making videos. And now, I’ve ventured in to making podcasts and writing in the blog. For what purpose, I don’t know. But more importantly, is it … Continue reading Outlets and Inlets
  • What is Toxic? Set your boundaries.
    What is your definition of toxic? That needs to relevant and tailored to you and people you want in your life. Set your boundaries. Respect theirs. Understand each other, or leave. If they carry important titles of your life like mother, father, son, daughter, friend, boss, coworker, mentor, etc… if you’re going to be sharing space together… it should be imperative you look after the wellness of each other and respect their space and individuality and what makes them who they are as a person. This includes their baggage of their past, their wounds, their scars, what cuts them deep. … Continue reading What is Toxic? Set your boundaries.
  • Seeking New Startups, Micro and Small Businesses Seeking Ads, CRM Setup, and Reviews Management
    +1 (615) 398-0311 Call or Text (Any Time) Response : 9a-5p M-F
  • Compromise with the Retort
    We have all been there. We want to be right. But what’s left when you’re right ALL THE TIME? Nothing. Just a bunch of what’s lefts. Right? So how do we acknowledge the elephant in the room without being right, or without assuming dominance in a situation that would be best described as functional if all parties wherein were exclusively committed to the other parties wherein? If there is no right or wrong answer, or right or wrong logical path to follow in the conversational shepherds facade, where can we gain common ground in the room to figure out how … Continue reading Compromise with the Retort
  • Business Plan
    BUSINESS PLAN BeaversDen – General Media 802 Fountain Cir.Stockbridge, GA 30281 Updated June 8th, 2020 Executive Summary The CompanyBeaversDen – General Media Advertising | Marketing | Public Relations The Ownership The company is structured as a sole proprietorship. The ManagementGlenn R. Beaver, Jr. Is in charge. Decisions are based on the clients need for projects and are situational to budget projection. There are silent partners in play. As of now, there is no board to mention. And all decisions are finalized by Glenn R. Beaver, Jr. The Goals and ObjectivesThe Mission Statement is this: low cost advertising, marketing, public relations, … Continue reading Business Plan
  • #MakeTheSwitch
    #MakeTheSwitch There has 22 years between the two rolled  up and brown bundles of cancer sticks. The first one and the last one. Some people don’t understand the significance of each individual puff of tar that rested a temporary anxiety in exchange for the build up of a larger attack. While there were temporary reliefs of calamity, the out of sight, out of mind issues were all too often disregarded as the one burner on the back of the stove. Quitting smoking is a lot harder to do than say. But… I did it. … Well… Sorta. Its amazing how … Continue reading #MakeTheSwitch
  • Boundaries
    Pain aside, I’m “fairly easy” to please. Some people, however, would say differently; and that whatever they do isn’t good enough (for me). I’m just challenging them to be better. It doesn’t mean I don’t like them or appreciate what they do. It doesn’t mean I never loved them unconditionally. And it really has nothing to do with me being content, except where it comes to clutter. I can’t think straight in clutter. It clutters my thoughts. And with chronic pain and major depression, it’s hard to do anything but dissociate from everything and everyone. It’s hard to pick up … Continue reading Boundaries
  • This Past Week Will Pass
    It’s been rough wrapping my head around my behavior, my life, who I chose to stay with, how I’ve come to accept the failures in my life, but not really accept them. I’ve been in the darkest part of my being, completely alone. Regardless if amends could ever make things right. I’ve been unsettled on some things lately. Mostly anything that resembles home, just isn’t my home. Not my chair. Not my woman. Not my children. Not my art. Not even my website. Not even MY cat or my aquarium. It’s not mine. It’s leased to me by how I … Continue reading This Past Week Will Pass
  • Self Reflection
    Truth is: Everyone you have ever met is a manipulator. If you’re in any kind of relationship albeit love, family, work, friends… EVERYONE wants something FROM you and expects you to deliver. Sometimes demands it and produces ultimatums. Even YOU. You have expectations and YOU want things from people, albeit positive vibes, a good time, money, sex, someone to listen to YOU, some encouragement and emotional support or financial support, YOU NAME IT. Nobody will tell you that honestly with the bottom line of what they are after. And if I jump to the bottom line of what I’m after, … Continue reading Self Reflection
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  • Self Love
    There is a gray area between loving your self and loving yourself. Nobody can make you feel love for you more than you. Nobody can love you quite like you can. And nobody can truly love others without having enough love for themself. Have love for yourself, but don’t keep all that love to yourself. The world needs it. We all need it. Let your cup run over.
  • Do you have any to spare?
  • Remember That One Time?
    I think about the lyrics of a song by Edwin McCain. It’s titled, See Off This Mountain. It’s from the album Messenger 1999: She’s a Blue Ridge cradle She’s a mother to some And home to the laughter Of road weary ones So we’ll sing all the old songs Sing to grandmama road And we’ll sing cause we miss her And we’re sad she had to go If I could see off this mountain Through the clouds in my eyes I would see off this mountain On the nights stars fell And see off this mountain Through the tears in … Continue reading Remember That One Time?
  • Entitled
    Judging others for how you don’t like them and how incompetent they are and in turn yelling at someone for judging you and yelling at you because you are not understanding that YOU need to work on yourself. They are entitled because they don’t want to do what those people are doing, yet they clearly need to improve their own lives.
  • Things said that hurt.
    You know what? Fuck your feelings, snowflake! Fuck mine too! You want to be professional and want someone else to leave emotion out of a fight, you’re gonna have to not cry when they say something mean. You want them to get a grip on their emotions, you’re gonna have to not let it bother you. Why do I say this? You’ve dictated the other person get control of their emotions yet, you don’t reciprocate that order. Do as I say, not as I do. Hypocrisy! Ethically speaking, you can’t cry to your boss when he or she comes at … Continue reading Things said that hurt.
  • And You Are Antisocialist?
    I am a veteran of the US Coast Guard. I work and Pay taxes and utilize the VA like it’s nobody’s business. And you know what…it’s socialist AF. The VA offers all kinds of services of taxpayer money. And you might say, support our troops, they are fighting for our freedom. Ok. Well… what about the people WORKING for our freedom? Did that ever enter your mind? Every citizen of the US that works should be able to afford housing (at the very least an apartment) that fits their fundamental needs. Every working American needs access to healthcare. Why? Because … Continue reading And You Are Antisocialist?
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