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  • If I owe you money…
    If I owe you… Let me help you in setting you up with residual income, or a work from home gig, being your own boss, making your own money. Now I will be helping you. I will manage what you want me to manage. If you need training, I can help. Damn. I can be your Robot friend, like Siri. Ha!! Nah, that requires listening to everything you say. Hell no. Hot damn I’m not gonna listen to you 24/7. Oof, no. You probably stink through the phone. Think about that again. Hit me up.
  • Understanding Your Data’s Purpose
    Data Collection For the untrained mind in today’s socio-political climate, it is easy to get caught up in conspiracy theories regarding things we know very little about. And conversely, there is increasing concern about protecting your data. Trust, in the general sense, has been deduced to gimmicks of self-serving peril in modern society. But yet, consumers still consume and purchase products from reputable sources. For better or for worse, we truly rely on word of mouth, ratings and reviews and testimonials of companies. This has become common practice. But businesses have to start somewhere. We the producers have to make … Continue reading Understanding Your Data’s Purpose
  • Melissa and Doug
    These toys are great. My two youngest love them. Take 15% Off Pretend Play Toys at Melissa & Doug. Use Code DREAM15
  • Ask me questions about my business!
    I’m currently building an FAQ Page. Help me out. Please and thank you. Leave your questions in the comment section below. I will try to respond in a timely manner.
  • 1 Bill, No Pork
    Tell Congress, “Enough is Enough!” View the petition for yourself. I’m sure you’ll agree.
  • Psychological Reflection
    Mental Health Assessment Where it runs in the family Robert All my life I’ve been around family that’s had some form of mental health issues. As a kid, I didn’t think nothing of it. I just assumed that’s how my uncle Robert was. Before he got bad off, I would go to his room while he played guitar and I would watch him play. In my earlier years of watching him play, I thought he was really good at it. He tried to sing, but that wasn’t his thing. When he wasn’t playing, he would be chain-smoking, lying on the … Continue reading Psychological Reflection
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  • Soul Earbuds
    SOUL S-FIT and S-STORM Bundle on sale for $99.99 Register for SOULNATION and receive 10% off your first order! Small in size, big on color! S-NANO comes in 6 amazing colors
  • Cryptocurrency Hardware
    Grid Plus Cryptocurrency Hardware ^an affiliate link
  • Monotype Fonts
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  • Abernity
    Perks for Small Business Employees Abenity Homepage ^ affiliate links
  • Bye Felicia
    The Business End In the business world, ethics is of tremendous value. But one thing in ethics inside the business world is the lack of humanity. Not the decency of humanity, but the fallibilities of humanity. Competition in a capital society suggests that its business and nothing personal. But how do people turn on and turn off that switch so easily? At some point or another, business is personal. It’s inevitable. But as we practice business ethics, it becomes easier to strip away that layer of empathy or sympathy when someone gets fired or laid off. Or at least, that’s … Continue reading Bye Felicia
  • BeaversDen to Onboard New Small Business Clients
    Are you developing your brand? BeaversDen can help. Here’s how … >>> Need help setting up your eCommerce site? Check this out… >>> Planning? See what’s up… >>>
  • Inventory Source
    Inventory Source has an expansive dropship supplier directory of over 200 wholesale dropship companies in various product niches.You can view the supplier directory for free and get started here! ^affiliate links
  • BlueHost
    WordPress Hosting ^affiliate links
  • SproutSocial
    Business to Business Discover the most robust and cohesive social media business solution, built to scale with Sprout Social ^ affiliate links
  • Seeking Small Business Owners
    At BeaversDen – General Media, I am seeking small business owners that are considering advertising, marketing and public relations. I offer low cost services and I am eager to work with you and help you business grow.
  • 15% Off All Arts & Crafts for Valentine’s Day
    15% Off All Arts and Crafts for Valentines Day at Melissa & Doug. Use Code CREATE15 ^ an affiliate link
  • Doge and The Alt-Right
    Opinion Drizzled with moderate bias but served with justice. I feel like I should clear the air on something. I realize that Trump supporters, us Bern-Outs and BLM and Pink Hats and Middle Class in general all have one thing in common: We all think the government could be doing a much better job than they are doing. We all think the wrong people are pulling the strings. And this is valid to say the least. However, when Colin Kaepernick took a knee in light of BLM and Police Reform, Trump supporters were screaming “Not like that, you don’t. That’s … Continue reading Doge and The Alt-Right
  • We Can Do Better Than That!
    Being for automation is being against jobs. Being for robots is being against jobs. Being for something that increases profit is TYPICALLY being for something that’s against jobs and job security. Job consolidation…. working people like dogs… that’s against jobs. Being for all that is the equivalent of being against jobs. Being against a livable wage is being pro-tax. People who work 40+ hours a week and barely scrape by promotes welfare and government subsidized income. Subsidized income calls for higher taxes. That’s true socialism. You’re either for CorporateAmerica taking care of the workers that help it profit; OR you’re … Continue reading We Can Do Better Than That!
  • The Absence Of Your Own Presence
    There are many types, but the worst thing about depression is the absence of your own presence within your own consciousness.
  • Gaiam Products
    Below you’re about to embark on some mental health solutions in Yoga and Meditation. Gaiam makes some good stuff. And these are my affiliate links from them. Check it out. FILA Sport Fitness Mat & Sling 10mm Pilates Ring Classic Solid Yoga Mat 5mm Kidnasium Activity Dice SPRI resistance kit Balance Ball Stool Restore Compact Foam Roller Essential Interlocking Fitness Mat Pack of 12 Essential Interlocking Fitness Mat Pack of 24 Raja Meditation Chair Kids Dino Zone Yoga Mat 4mm Yoga Essential Block Yoga Essential Block 2 pack Yoga Wheel Hanging Yoga and Fitness Mat Hanging Yoga and Fitness Mat … Continue reading Gaiam Products
  • National Puzzle Day : Melissa and Doug
    Celebrate National Puzzle Day with Melissa & Doug. Buy One Puzzle, Get One 50% Off. Use Code PUZZLE50
  • Inside BeaversDen – General Media
    CMS WordPress I use WordPress for the security aspects. It’s not always easy to use, but it offers many options. The workaround is sometimes challenging, but with persistence, it’s quite worth it. CRM HubSpot HubSpot integrates nicely with all of my devices and keeps me organized with my clients and their journey at BeaversDen. There are literally thousands of uses for HubSpot but I just use it to maintain deals, offers and customer and client journeys. Creative Suite Adobe Spark Adobe Spark is one of the main creative applications I use due to Creative Commons licensing agreements. This has really … Continue reading Inside BeaversDen – General Media
  • BeaversDen
    BeaversDen – General Media
  • Episode 2 – BeaversDen: AcousticPod (Series)
    via IFTTT
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  • Superior Songwriting
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  • SOUL
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  • Printful Threads
    Interested in launching your online store? Join Printful Threads on January 21—an online conference for ecommerce enthusiasts!
  • Small Business Association Launches Ascent: An Online Learning Platform For Women In Business
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  • Personal Safety – Noonlight
    When you need someone to look after you for just in case you feel threatened or scared either while on a date or out by yourself. This is a very practical app. Get Noonlight
  • Earn Extra Cash Playing Online: Pool Payday Promo code: BeaversDen
  • Melissa and Doug
    My kids love Melissa and Doug toys. Check this out, parents! ^an affiliate link
  • Gaiam 2 Color Yoga Mat 2021 for $20.21!
    Inspire a new start for the new year for less with Gaiam. Get a Premium 2 Color Yoga Mat for only $20.21 with coupon code “2021MAT” at check out. Save more than $9. Include free shipping for all orders of $125+. Offer valid 1/4-1/5.
  • Referral Candy
    For all eCommerce store owners, this may be a great passive income option to add to your store. Follow the link and make referrals.
  • Live DJ – One Long Ass Italian Beat
  • Setting Up an Audit
    Well… I’m conducting my first website audit since 2015. Luckily only have been monitoring the performance diligently since the shift from BeaversDen Productions to BeaversDen – General Media… That was late 2018, early 2019. This may take a day or so. So I apologize in advance if things get weird. I’ll try and have them back in order soon. Plus, I believe I’m gonna be updating my policies and terms of use. Also, I will be redirecting some content to the paid subscription plan so I can stay in business. Thank you for your patience.
  • Calling New Small Business Owners
    I need new prospects. You need time and help where you can get it. I get it. Here’s how I can help. Campaigns. You have a brand and you want to keep it within consistency values that are often sidelined by inventory, sales, spreadsheets, audits, merchandising beyond inventory AND OR, your services. I know time is money. Every business owner knows that. And every business owner of the traditional operations know it. But often advertising gets put on the back burner or on default settings. That’s not good for business. Especially when you are losing money. BeaversDen – General Media … Continue reading Calling New Small Business Owners
  • Force The Vote
  • Appy Pie
    Create Your Own App with little to no code Create Your App and Publish on App Stores in minutes – No Coding Needing – Get Started ^An Affiliate Link.
    I jumped on the cryptocurrency band wagon a while back. Little did I know about it. I think it was 2012 maybe 13… but I bought 2 bitcoin and a relatively cheap price. Like micro particles in comparison by price to what it is worth today. Early on, I spent one whole coin for something silly. I regret spending it now. I don’t even remember what I bought with it. But hindsight is 2020…in 2020. I can honestly say this year has been one great year for personal reflection. And that may very well be universal due to the pandemic … Continue reading
  • iPage Site Builder
    Small businesses are often bombarded with various platforms that seem to offer great services at first but often do not include pricing until the site builder is used. Often they do not give the rundown on services provided up front in a “clear and concise” manner when much of the services are based around algorithms and frameworks, otherwise known as SaaS or Software as a Service. And when shopping numerous platforms to find the best fit, it can be disconcerting making these kinds of choices early on in the establishment phase. Well, as a marketer that is geared to help … Continue reading iPage Site Builder
  • Smarter Loans
    There are many “too good to be true” companies that say they can provide consumers and business owners with solutions that have a high success rate. And for few, there may be great connections. But to narrow down the choices based on likelihood of success, the success rate gets worse. With Smarter Loans, the process is not likely to be watered down like the rest. The network involved is broad, and in comparison to traditional markets, your credit score is not as likely to drop just for applying. In the consumer markets, avoiding a score drop is as equally important … Continue reading Smarter Loans
  • Montavue
    Surveillance Surveillance has become more important than ever with shipping due to COVID. Porch pirate cases are up in 2020 as compared to previous years. But not just for porch pirates. All sorts of reasons are increasing the need for surveillance. Due to the rise of curbside pickup, it may be in necessary to have extra cameras on areas where you can see your customers pull up. Granted, not all small businesses are brick and mortar. As a result, we have an influx of couriers. But marketplace shops are much similar to Craigslist and Facebook, where the customer may go … Continue reading Montavue
  • Small Business Campaign Contributions
    Lend a Hand for Small Business
  • Referral Candy If you own your own business, a good referral program is a great tool to have. You should check out Referral Candy.
  • Acorns
    Invest with your pocket change!
  • Learn Email Marketing with HubSpot
  • Dropshipping with Shippo
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  • Affiliate Shop
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  • You’re Own Shopify Store
    BeaversDen – General Media Has partnered up with shopify to build E-COMMERCE Stores!
  • Publisher’s Clearing House
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  • Fiverr
    ***For All Things outside the capacity of BeaversDen – General Media, one network that is utilized and recommended is Fiverr. ^Affiliate Links
  • We muscle through but…
    What now? A lot of people are doing well, adapting. They deserve a round of applause. They truly do. Not for the resources they have, but for their efforts. There are too many going through it without recognition. And at any moment things can change. But yet, they adapt. And they are damn good at it. They deserve praise, they truly do. But a lot of us that don’t adapt well, let’s analyze that a little. Let’s piecemeal an observation… Let’s have a poll, and please share. If you would like any assistance at all, you can make an appointment, … Continue reading We muscle through but…
  • Become a Master Herbalist
    ^An affiliate link Dear DIYers and Preppers, Something to consider. Pick up an education on what it means to grow. It may be beneficial to have this knowledge that you may try to gain for yourself, but the understanding might be better digested from course on it. Take a look and give it a try. Just a little food for thought. -Glenn
  • Purple
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  • By Monotype
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  • Messenger for Kids
    Worth Looking Into
    I feel like I could do some yoga. I could use a good stretch. ^An Affiliate Link This is great quality stuff. My cat scratched mine all to hell and back. Once when I was laying on it. She likes to be included once in a while. But again, I totally could go for a good stretch. -Glenn R. Beaver, Jr.
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  • Online Therapy
  • Do You Own Your Own Business?
  • AppyPie For Turkey Day
    Great Tool For Your Online Business!
  • Start Your Own Dropshipping Store
    If you’re looking to work from home or anywhere really, check out Dropshipping. If you have your own products and need order fulfillment, then this might be for you. If you shop wholesale and you want to make some extra cash, then this might be for you. Ali/Alibaba/AliDropship/AliExpress… they have a very decent reputation. Plus the platform is easy to use. Check it out, it’s worth it in my opinion. There are two affiliate links below. If you purchase a plan through either one, I receive a referral fee/ commission. If not, check out my site and see what else … Continue reading Start Your Own Dropshipping Store
  • WorkFlow
  • Support Small Business
    According to the Small Business Association, “WASHINGTON, D.C. – Small businesses are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy: they create two-thirds of net new jobs and drive U.S. innovation and competitiveness. A new report shows that they account for 44 percent of U.S. economic activity.” That being said, small businesses everywhere need to increase revenue to prevent bankruptcy or we will go out of business altogether. I’m not saying not to shop large and corporate, but what I am suggesting is that shopping small would be the best economical stabilization we can do. Where BeaversDen – General Media comes in is to … Continue reading Support Small Business
  • Trust
  • So This…
    I can’t speculate too much out of being labeled a conspiracy nutcase but this could explain why we don’t have any money to squander on the stimulus… To be fair though, I don’t really know. But these are going down, and they are on their way now… I just really hope 2021 is great for everybody. Not just a few.
  • 24-7PressRelease
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  • AirVape X
    Looking for the Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer on the Market? Look no further. The AirVape X embodies the perfect harmony of elegant design and strong performance
  • Check it Out…
    25% OFF SITE WIDE! <p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80"> If you’re new to yoga like me or you don’t have much time to go to the gym, or don’t have access to strength training equipment, a simple yoga mat helps a lot. Join me in using this COVID lockdown time, getting our minds centered, our bodies back on a healthy track with just a yoga mat. Browse the site for other nice finds.
  • I Don’t Belong Here
  • I Don’t Belong Here…
  • What The Hell Am I Doing Here?
  • I’m a Weirdo…
  • But I’m a Creep…
  • I Wish I Was Special….
  • You’re SO Fuggin Special…
  • Whatever You Want…
  • Whatever Makes You Happy…
  • Run
  • She Runs, Run, Run, Run…
  • She’s Running Out…
  • She’s Running Out The Door….
  • I Don’t Belong Here…
  • What The Hell Am I Doing Here?
  • I’m a Weirdo…
  • But I’m a Creep….
  • I Wish I Was Special…
  • You’re So Fuggin Special…
  • When I’m Not Around…
  • I Want You To Notice…
  • I want a Perfect Soul…
  • I want a Perfect Body…

The Valley Law is a novel, but structural to the integrity of society and civilizations. In this form, the Valley Law is a blog style novel by Glenn R. Beaver, Jr.

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