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Vaccination for COVID-19

First Off…

I would like to say that I’ve been vaccinated. I received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine within the past few days, and from my experience, within the first hour or so, I felt nothing. But once I was home and began to settle in, I started to feel it course through my body in little waves.

The first symptom was a very small fever and sweats. A little clammy but also fatigue. The fatigue has lasted about three days now. And it is very sore at the muscle site in my arm where I received the shot.

Day Two

On the second day, I was chilled, blanketed and I just wanted to sleep all day and all night. Still fatigued in such a way where I wasn’t able to eat much from the lack of appetite. I could feel the vaccine working inside my body.

Reading the information sheet was a bit alarming, but nevertheless, I got the vaccine anyway. And I did so without any research before hand. I took that risk. And I hope it helps. I know a lot of people are questioning the efficacy of the shot. And, this is what I know.


Getting the vaccine is a coin toss. It may not be 100 percent effective, BUT, I believe the vaccines will help out immune systems to identify COVID early on. And by that I believe that the vaccine works in lock step with the immune system. If it can be caught early, the survival rate should be significantly higher. But there are variables that depend on the individuals receiving the vaccination. And to quieten the bs from the facts, visit cdc.gov. Make sure you understand both the myths and the facts. Please make an educated decision regarding getting vaccinated or not for yourself.

As for me, I believe that if it can help us get back together, I’m in. No questions asked.

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