Veteran to Veteran

Veteran Outreach

Know your resources. Reach out if you need help. I (Glenn R. Beaver, Jr.), will help to the best of my ability. From one veteran to another. To you, I offer a free service.

I am working on the parameters to be inclusive to veterans that I can meet in person, in my community (Ashland City, TN), at my local VA clinic (Charlotte Ave) and at my regional facility (Tennessee Valley Healthcare System), and Online.

Whether I know you personally, have served with you, have befriended you on Facebook or other social media platforms, have worked along side you, all of the above or none of the above, I have resources at my disposal catered to you.

If I have not vetted you, I will need for you to provide information that can verify who you say you are. And if you have not done so, register with the Department of Veterans Affairs and get your handbook “Know Your Benefits”.

The Veterans Affairs is a wonderful place. IF you know how to navigate the bureaucracies of it.

If you’re wondering what specifically BeaversDen can do for you, ask me how. Because all this is just a few bread crumbs.

Here are some quick links for you, in case you might have missed something in your own journey.

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