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What Content Are You Selling?


Marketing is knowing, and knowing… is half the battle. So what is it you might be missing when you’re trying to capture the right audience at the right time and at the right place? It’s fairly simple but also very time consuming. What am I talking about here?

Content Marketing

By this, we tend to suggest that content is your product or service. Right? No. We call it a deliverable. That can be anything that is related to your product or service… kinda like a package.

What matters is not the product or service. It is how you sell it or pitch it. And in many cases, merely following a certain format and schema regarding the human senses. And the start of this journey, we go to the beginning where you are searching for your customer or client base and they are searching for what you have to offer.

Much goes into this process. Chances are they will overlook your site if it is not secure. As security is the first step of Trust. Next, think of it like you’re inviting people to your house. Mi casa, su casa. Make it presentable.

But how do they get to this point? They need an index reference from their search browser. And the best bet here is to market yourself with SEO. Search Engine Optimization.

What is this exactly? SEO is a score of all kinds of things but I will focus on one thing for now and that is (the site of your content).

How are you delivering your content? Is it on a self-hosted website? Are you selling on Facebook Marketplace? Maybe Shopify or WooCommerce or Big Cartel. There are several platforms, but if you are accepting payments online, whatever site you’re own needs a secured gateway. For example, I use PayPal and FB Messenger Pay.

Again, security is the number one thing to build up trust and customer relations.

What else is there? The aesthetics and functionality and technicalities of IT stuff we don’t want to get into right now, but overall, do you feel like your prospective customer or client could feel secure on your site?

One thing that really helps the security of your site is the speed of the loading of pages, posts, ads and so on. Your ranking score is also built these technicalities.

But really, it boils down to instant gratification. When do we want it? As soon as possible! Is that soon enough? No! We want it now! Right?

But even still, it has to be easy to navigate. You need a set of breadcrumbs that help you go from one thing to the next. This is good for upselling and encouraging people to be interactive. This takes some creativity.

Content Marketing

It’s more involved than some people may think. But the key is to always be looking for what you have to sell. Be there prospect! You have to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. What is about you that stands out? Because let’s face it, you are the brand.

What Content Are You Selling?

Think about how it might look on a shelf in a department store. You got your inventory barcodes, UPCs, SKUs, etc. Then you have something that should be attractive enough to get someone’s attention. This is your deliverable.

Now that you have a general idea of what content marketing is, how do you want to deliver it? This is a question I will help you answer when discussing your business. Maybe you will trust me to write up your content. Anything is possible.

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