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What’s This About?

Cutthroat Capitalism or Courtship? Context.

Matching passive-aggressive behavior to aggressive behavior to the very claw tip of a blade, barely resting, not even piercing the skin of an unwelcome female This carnal act of dominance in attempt to remove said female from the home of a very grieving father, losing his late wife of 50+Extra years in August.

The thief with a perfect cocktail of fucked up in the head.

A knife to the throat of Cutthroat Capitalism, where one of us gets over on another.

Can it be viewed as being met with a shotgun?

I gotta know.

A home should be a safe Haven from predatory women saying they don’t have a place to call home and expects every man to be obligated to her inner bitch.

Granted… male or female… embrace your inner feminine side; be comfortable with it. Know when you’re being a bitch and STFU Karen.

A Matter of Manners

If you’re not at home, mind your manners. Respect the atmosphere.

Restraining order is on the way.

Why do people think it’s okay to dump their problems on strangers that are not even their neighbors?

Then they expect a hand out? Like they earned it. Like intimate relationships should be a whoreful transaction. Even when no sex is even on the table.

Disney Princess Complex. That’s what it is. When the reality is The Princess and The Pea Complex.

How We Condition Our Children

My hope for my daughters and my sons are that they are excellent individuals that hang out with other excellent individuals and hopefully understand that love is way more valuable than the establishment. That’s what needs to be invested in.

But you know, it should never be expected. It should be experienced by being one with your environment and present in the moment. Be grateful for what you get from others. Especially if you plan on overstaying your welcome.

At the very least, learn from it and hope for the best. But don’t let anyone try to push you over. Because they will if you let them.

Search your soul. Be at peace with it. Balanced. Standing on both feet. Standing your ground. Mind your boundaries.

Believe in something after. Do it with love. Not because of love. Do not confuse those two acts, ever. Because of love is placing blame. Never put blame on those that love you. Whatever you do, sprinkle it with love. But not as a thing to do.

Heal before hurting anyone else. Your damage does not belong to other people.

And most importantly, take responsibility and accountability for your actions.

If you can, learn to love being alone. If you can stand your own company, all by yourself, you can allow yourself to tolerate others as well. Plus, if you can tolerate to punish yourself in a constructive way, you can help instill that discipline with others.

But if you can’t control yourself up to the point of losing control and knowing when you need help to regain self-control, understand two very dangerous human elements:

Quote Me

1. Aggressiveness

2. Passive Aggressiveness

They are the same. But one is submissive. The other is dominant.

The cutthroat capitalist relationship is based on getting the better deal out of the relationship.

One is an innie. The other is an outtie.

The risk often outweighs the securities of these relationships. But please play responsibly.

To ensure domestic tranquility, be kind. Be kind as much as possible.

The Whole World Needs Us To Chill TF Out.

Capitalism Was Born For Privateers & Pirates To Profit From. Humanitarian Efforts Hang In The Balance With All Else.

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