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Where Does It Come From?

Does it deserve a place of it’s own? The emotions and chemicals that surge through our bodies, do they or do they not control us? Chemical addiction, whether external or internal; like nicotine or dopamine. Do they determine the state of our entire being?

Why do these chemicals influence us so much to where we are limited by them? Work seems to be one of the only things that keeps us level. But even that is contrived to an unhealthy balance of living if overworking is evident.

It is imperative to check in with ourselves.

Whether we psychoanalyze ourselves or unwind by other chemicals, when we check in with ourselves, we tend to put more focus on outside contributing factors, such as stress, diet, medicine, alcohol, etc. without really addressing the problem within. (Check In)

Being that it’s Mental Health Monday, let’s check in to see why exactly we have the case of the Mondays.

Be well to yourself and checkin.

Test Your Mental Health

Choose one of several tests to see where about to check in.

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