With Your Permission, I Would Like To

I would like to help you with your small business. I would like to help develop your online presence. I would like to be your marketing consultant. I would like to be your advertising agent. And I would like be your PR rep.

Everything I do for small businesses falls inside the first paragraph of this post. And with that, research and data analytics concerning socioeconomics is where you would stand to gain from my experience and my business model continuum.

Risk v. Rewards

From politics to political correctness to anti-trust in the system, namely in employment and job security and technology, it is without a doubt riskier than ever before starting a business. But with technology at our fingertips, there is still a lot that can be done on a micro level that can generate more revenue streams to gain rewards, even within a shaky system that may be considered “unstable” or “difficult to understand” or even “too risky”. The rewards can be so much sweeter than the risks and we should be seeing this as an opportunity.

Security Measures

It is understood that your privacy is of utmost importance. That said, BeaversDen only shares information with other platforms that are essential in doing business. BeaversDen does not sell information to third parties, however, all businesses must generate leads that have value to the business.

Below is a form that I have for small business owners. If you’re a small business owner, fill out the form and let’s get started.

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